2020-0826 – William

[ William – Post Ashes Gallery, Bar – NA, No BoL ]

[ Wake-up Rouse failed, Hunger 1 > 2 ][ Herd feeding, Hunger 2 > 1, Negligible Resonance ]

Affairs of the clan, that is the name that such gatherings take; this one, however, cannot be all too formal, since it’s organised by a fledgling and doesn’t feature the most prominent Toreador of Seattle, which would be Lou Grand. The affairs of the clan, either way, are never too formal, attendance not mandatory.

William arrives in clothing half thrifted and half stolen-with-permission from Gentian’s wardrobe; high-waisted dark trousers with a belt, a saw silk shirt that he opened at the collar and whose sleeves he rolled up, the moccasins, and a foulard at his neck. It felt very bohémien, putting it together, almost a call back to his younger years. That was, however, a rather long time ago.

He walks into the locale, moving his blond hair from his face and trapping them behind his ear, and smiles. The rose theme, very apropos. And the clothing of the guests… once, dear Damien told him that the definition of “diva” didn’t at all suit him; William had replied that, no, perhaps it didn’t, but others of his clan would find themselves right within the dictionary entry. There’s always some amusement in recognising it, or perhaps being reminded of it, when the Toreador gather.

Many a monstrous undead decked in flowers certainly make for a certain sort of poetry.

Approaching the bar, where most of the group has gathered, he is surprised that he recognises so many faces. The absence of the barman, too, makes talking quite simple. « Good evening », he greets mildly, his smile in his mould-green eyes more than it is on his mouth. « Glad to see a number of known names. And Tobias, Gentian sends you his regards. »

He takes a cup and a glass of wine; it was advertised as drinkable, he might as well give it a try, even if he still coming down from the relaxing, mellow taste of morphine in Martin’s blood. « Toby, it’s good to see you. It’s been a long while. » They had met at court the night the blood hunt on Teddie had been called. « And Miss Ariyah. »

« And Jenn », a warmer smile for the girl. « Seems like you were beaten to the punch on throwing a party, though on the bright side, it will be easier to find everyone if you do it next time. And… Yuri. » The masked boy he had encountered by chance in Elysium, unaware of his clan. « Good to see you again. »

He observes each of the others, slowly but not thoroughly; no wish to scrutinise. At least not yet. « And a pleasure to meet everyone else. William Harley, Ancilla of the clan. »

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