2020-0826 – Varen

[Varen – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar – BoL – Beautiful – A ]

“Well, we’ll have to get you a pair.” He smirked and asked for a mug of beer, grinning cheerily as it was slid over to him, and taking a long drink. That was good. Varen was, frankly, a little bit shook, all things considered. He hadn’t contemplated that he would be able to drink beer ever again. The last time he had tried it had tasted like ashes and death. He would need to ask Tobias about his supplier at some point, whom, speaking of, said a few words of introduction and bid them all welcome. He raised his glass in a slight ‘cheers’ motion, before turning his eyes back to his friend.

“Well, even if it’s only been two nights, a lot can happen in that time.” He smothered a wince. “But yeah, I’d be more than happy to introduce you around.” His eyes scanned the crowd, and as luck would have it, a Rose was walking over to them. His tensely allied comrade, who introduced himself to Jenn. Varen was a bit surprised that they hadn’t already met, he had given the contact info after all, but, as he had just said to Jenn, a lot could happen in a couple of nights. He hadn’t quite imagined that he and Michael would be working together on an investigation together; albeit on different sides of the field. He wondered just how that would pan out. But he liked Michael, at least thus far.

“You’re not butting in at all, mon ami.” He flashed a bright grin. “I was actually just planning on giving Jenn the rounds of introduction. Seems you’ve saved me a bit of work.” Michael introduced himself a little further and paid Jenn a couple of compliments; which damn she fucking deserved. He’d almost have been annoyed if the other fledgling hadn’t commented on it, though his ears perked when his named was mentioned again. A gift? Ah. The book.

“Sure, sounds good. I’ll hunt you down if you get lost in the crowds.”

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