2020-0826 – Yuri

[Yuri – Post Ashes Gallery, Bar – BoL – NA]

Well at least Yuri recognized one face in this room. When William entered the room and acknowledge him, Yuri responded with a simple head nod. “Hello, Mr. William.” He spoke softly. Yuri shifted his weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other, cosmetic box in hand in front of him. “Um… you look like you’re doing well.”

It was a poor attempt in small talk given how soft he spoke and his inability to meet them in the eyes, but it was an A for effort for him. He glanced around the room to take account for who’s here, maybe find some features on each individual to remember by. Tobias, the host of the party, was in the colorful clothing but he also took note of his blonde hair and green eyes. Then there was the girl named ‘Jenn’; black hair, dark brown eyes… He could’ve gone into more detail on each person’s facial structure but Yuri didn’t want to be caught staring at them in the case they’d find it… uncomfortable. Yuri turned his attention to the one named Jenn.

“So you are… Jenn? I presume? I’m only assuming based off what Mr. William addressed you as.” Yuri stammered, his words taking a step back in the social interaction in fear he may offend her or make her feel uneasy.

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