2020-0826 – Michael

[Michael-Post Ashes Gallery: Bar-Beautiful-No Blush-A]

Michael nodded and noted everyone’s name as they filed in. He was ready to meet everyone and soon enough once enough people had entered the bar, Tobias began to speak. He did vaguely wonder where Louella was as he hadn’t spotted her yet, he wanted to have a proper conversation with her since the last one’s had been cut short either due to the rising of the sun or representatives of Tower. She would probably show up soon though as this seemed exactly like the kind of place she would love to be. At the end of Tobias’ speech, Michael remembered the promise of refreshments in the text he had sent out. Eyeing the red tint to the liquid in Tobias’ glass and noticing the few other drinks that his clan members had ordered Michael could tell there was blood in it, it was something he was very familiar with after all. The smile on his face fell a little but he didn’t say anything about it. It wasn’t like him to or his place, but he recognized that Lázaro would probably have something to say if he were here though. Instead Michael headed towards where Varen had greeted Jenn after she appeared. Those were two people he needed to speak with anyway.

“Sorry to butt into your conversation, but your Jenn right? Michael, it’s nice to finally meet you in person.” He extended his hand towards the woman after approaching the two and introducing himself. “I would’ve tried to meet you sooner but a lot of other stuff came up. You look great though.” He said as he looked over her dress and makeup. Michael glanced at Varen who was standing there as well. “Varen told me that you were a great photographer but he didn’t tell me you were into fashion too. Also, Varen I plan to try and meet everyone tonight so come and find me if I get caught up mingling with everyone. I have a gift to give you before you leave tonight.”

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