2020-0825 – Yuri

[Yuri – Post Ashes Gallery – Beautiful – BoL – A]

When everyone made their introductions, Yuri had finally figured out what to say, making his way towards the rose-suit wearing man. “Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself earlier. I’m Yuri, we spoke on the phone. Miss Louella spoke highly of you, um, it’s an honor to meet you.” The poor guy stuttered so much it would almost be difficult to understand him, but the gentle look in those silver eyes helped decipher those stumbling words. Once they’ve exchanged greetings, Yuri made his way to the back of the room and stuck to the wall like the little gray wallflower he is, keeping to himself while their host made their official welcome.

”Beer and wine? I didn’t know we could drink those.” Yuri pondered. Not like he was going to drink it anyways. He was never a fan of the taste of alcohol, plus he also had a low tolerance to it so Yuri stayed away from it. Who knows what he would do if he were drunk, and most definitely Yuri didn’t want to find out. While the others mingled and spoke, Yuri stayed by the wall, standing awkwardly in silence while staring at the piano. It’s been years since he’s touched that instrument, a part of him wondered if he even remembered how to play. Even so, there weren’t many pieces he knew; most of his repertoire consisted of classical music, pieces written by Chopin, Liszt, Mozart or Beethoven. Besides, there were too many people around, he couldn’t muster up the courage to play let alone even attempt to talk to the others at the moment. Whatever conclusions Tobias or the others made about him were most likely correct; he was shy and took significantly longer to acclimate to his surroundings. It was a milestone for Yuri that he even attended this meeting.

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