2020-0825 – Tobias

[Tobias: Post Ashes Gallery – NA, BoL]

Different roses came in, all dressed so differently, but they dressed up well. He knew the stereotype for their clan was gaudy showmanship, but what he saw here was self expression and pride for their blood. Tobias even had to say he felt that more comfortable in his rose print suit, obvious of the clan, but appropriate. He was surprised he knew most of the faces here, though there was one he assumed to Yuri, she seemed a bit shy like how he sounded on the phone. A familiar face that entered the room was the model, Toby Rose. How odd it was they met after he buried a dead body…he seemed nice though for a random encounter. He was so surprised he turned out to be a Rose like him, he thought he was a human model.

“Thank you Michael, I went through so many phone books, yelp reviews, and such. When I saw this one I knew it was the perfect spot” He said to the fellow fledgling Rose. Michael was the first to introduce himself. Then a woman he hadn’t seen before walked towards him. He thought through the list the only other faces he didn’t have a chance to learn was Ariyah and Jenn.

“Nice to meet you Ariyah, I’m so glad you could make it. I’m Tobias, a fledgling of the clan. Oh, aren’t you the muralist? I love your work.” He said, remembering not to make the same faux pas he did with Hadriana. So many people to talk to, he wondered what they all were skilled in. Were they all artists and writers, or were some of them critics? Perhaps they had a different view of art?

Then entered the third person whose face he didn’t know. Ah, Iris as Louella texted him the other night. That means the quiet one that entered and grabbed a drink was Jenn? He would find out soon enough, and greet the shier roses. He had the sanguine blood flowing through him, he could be the social butterfly if need be. Though Varen seems to be the one who will encourage Jenn to come out of her shell. He had a gorgeous dress. “I love how you’re working the rose motif.” of course he had the heels as well, living up to his nickname.

A hand reached out for a glass of beer. He made his way over to the center of the room. No need for a mic, he just projected his voice for the half dozen roses. Tobias addressed the room. “Hello everyone, if you haven’t met me yet, then Bonsoir I am Tobias Durant, a fledgling of the clan. I met so few Toreadors it would be more ideal if we all met under in one place. So I thought it would be easy for all of us to gather in one place. For ambience I have chosen this gallery, we have drinkable wine and beer benevolently funded by my sire, Svetlana Pushkina, ancilla. Over there is a mic and piano if anyone wishes to serenade us; neither are my art, so I certainly won’t. In the back there is an art gallery of various styles of paintings and in the far back there are arcade machines. It’s quirky, but that’s Seattle for you.”

Tobias looked at each of them, trying to add names to faces of those who remembered to introduce them. He held his glass up, eager to try the bloody beer within. “Please mingle, drink, and be happy. I hope the clan will be closer after this engagement. Now let’s have a garden party.” Tobias raised his drink one and took a long deep sip. The taste of beer rolled on his tongue. A taste he was certain he would never taste again. The fizz, the smoothness, and the refreshing taste. He took another drink, almost out of disbelief, but this one was much slower, relishing the beer’s taste. He hoped he could stick with his self imposed 3 drink max and not get sloshed.

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