2020-0825 – Yuri (@Elvish)

[Yuri – Haven > Gallery – BoL – A]

Yuri called a taxi to the given location of the meet-up, sitting in silence in the backseat while the driver performed his job. Paying the driver after getting out of the car, Yuri stared at the entrance of the art gallery, his false-beating heart spiking in anticipation. He closed his eyes, taking in a breath and approached the doors. Whichever way the doors opened, Yuri got it wrong on the first time— not a graceful entrance —eventually finding his way inside. His doll-like face hidden behind his mask, Yuri glanced around and kept to himself while the others slowly but surely arrived. Dressed in his white shirt and black dress pants, Yuri didn’t look too out of place, but most likely had the plainest attire amongst the clan.

He stared at a piece of artwork mounted on the wall, his silver eyes taking in its colors and patterns. It wasn’t bad, he had to admit, it was quite calming to look at. Whenever the others arrived, Yuri would most likely be one of the last of the guests to make an introduction.

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