2020-0825 – Toby (@CreepyShadow)

[Toby – Haven (In Rainier Valley) > Bar – BoL – NA]

Waking Rouse Check Success - Blush of Life Success - Hunting roll, Charisma + Subterfuge + Speciality, 6 Success vs 4 difficulty

*Once Toby woke up from his rest he got ready for the rose party. For so long he skipped different parties and events that the prince and other factions threw. It wasn’t like him to turn down invitation to a party where he can let loose. Sadly those days he wasn’t feeling up to it, but this on the other hand, how could he not agree to go to an all rose party? The many beautiful kindred that will be there will be wonderous. As he was fully ready he left a note for Sira to leave whenever she felt, that is if she was still here.

He wasn’t going to check and her behavior did strike as strange to him. Perhaps another kindred being human? One could never be surprised by that fact considering he himself does it all the time, just like many others. Toby dressed in an unusual type of fashion one could say, the things he always kept the same is his upper lip painted in black lipstick while his lower lip is bare with no make-up touching them, and a dark eyeshadow on his upper and bottom eyelids. Along with his two earrings, the one that has a triangle on right ear and the other ear having the cross.

Before leaving his home he grabbed his keys and left his home. He didn’t want to go to the party hungry so he walked around to find someone suitable to take his hunger. Once he found that person he drank from them what he needed and then walked towards his car driving off to the location that the roses will be meating up. Once he did make it to the area everyone will be meeting he parked his car and walked towards the building. The air outside is a bit windy but it’s not like he’ll be out majority of the night anyways.*

*He walked to the entrance of the building, opening the door he walked inside to see the roses that have already arrived. Toby didn’t know who the other rose was but the familiar face of Tobias came to his view. Ah yes the man that shared his name, he could never forget how the two first met. How he thought Tobias was a human only to see him at the execution of a different roses death, or was it the branding of the thin-bloods? Or was the two events on the same day? It seems his memories are mixing together.

Toby walked towards the bar as his lively skin flushed from the blush that he used to look so lively. Toby’s eyes looked at the paper lanterns hung in the air, giving off a beautiful warm intimate glow. The roses that also adornmented the bar gave off its own beauty to it as well, Toby looked over and saw the beautiful piano with a microphone on a stage. The paino caught his eyes the most, he remembers playing such a beautiful instrument when he was younger.

As Toby reached the bar he looked at what seems to be blood alcohol for the guests.*

“Oh how I missed such parties.”

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