2020-0825 – Tobias (@KJ)

[Tobias: Fremont>First Hill>Post Ashes Gallery: Bar Area – NA, BoL]

[Hunger 1=>3]

Tobias had so much to do with his hunger balancing at a knife’s edge, but he was going to make this party work. It would have been simpler to get someone else’s help to aid in his mad scramble, but he had thrown a party under worse condition. The first stop was Fremont for him to pick up some very nice Alexander McQueen rose print suit. The suit hung in his whilst he visited a herd member for a quick bite. [hunger 3=>1, negligible resonances, herd feeding]

He could feel his head clear up as the hunger disappeared to its usual low levels. He then stopped at his other haven to change and do his hair up nice. Then he made his way to Hadriana’s at First Hill.

They were lucky the jungle juice wasn’t brewed in the bathtub or sink of a college apartment, but rather acquired from a genuine Viniter of merit. He arrived at her place, with his Sire’s money in hand for the various casks for alcohol. Though while he was there he did inquire about this own access to a bottle of her stock. He had his own money, thankfully it wasn’t as astronomical as the large amounts of alcohol provided for the party. She just made him pay in cash and blood for it of course. He wondered how one got on that list. His money was paid to her and the talk of drop off and pickups were negotiated. Then Tobias started the arduous task of helping load the alcohol in his car. He thanked Ms. Moon sincerely and drove to the gallery downtown.

With no help from his sire, Tobias was able to set up the alcohol in the bar area. Paper lanterns hung in the air, with a red light casting each part of the bar in an intimate glow, and of course the major selling point was the adornment of roses on the bar. It all came together to make a statement that was definitely Toreador. Gentle music played in the background, but there was a piano and microphone in the corner, elevated on a modest stage. It wasn’t his art, but he wondered if anyone was going to serenade the roses with their arts. He knew Varen was a singer.

He sat the cases of blood wine and the blood beer down, next to each other. Cups and glasses adorned either side. He reached for one cup and he heard a voice. ”Look at these pieces before the clan arrives.” The female voice called to him. Tobias rushed down the gallery hall. This part looked more like a miniature museum minus the 3d art. His sire looked at the pieces. ”This place is…quaint, but not bad.” She said walking down the hall admiring the art more. Tobias stood there momentarily, until he realized her statement was what she wanted, the rare compliment. He returned to the red-lit bar area, and waited for the others to arrive. A few words then he can finally mingle with his clan.

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