2020-0825 – Michael (@bzimisce)

[Michael-Post Ashes Gallery: Bar-No Blush-A]

Michael exited the Uber with a pep in his step. He was riding high on his excitement and he was sure that the blood he tasted had something to do with it. As he walked in Michael immediately noticed the red lighting that was a result of the lanterns hanging all throughout the bar. A smile appeared on his face that grew larger once he heard the soft music playing in the background. The roses on the bar were a nice touch and upon seeing another area, Michael took a peek to see it lead to the actual gallery portion of the building. He was tempted to go explore now, but he reminded himself that he should greet everyone first. Still, this place was exactly what he hoped it would be. There was almost no way to beat class, good company and good art.

Seeing Tobias and another person at the bar already, Michael made his way over. “Tobias you’ve really exceeded my expectations. This place is better than I expected. You look great too.” He looked over at the other two who were in the building. “We all do.” He nodded towards the man with white hair who was still in the bar area. “Michael Morrison, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Michael’s face was practically beaming with joy the entire time. He glanced at the masked kindred who was looking at a painting, making a note to eventually introduce himself to him as well as everyone who showed up tonight.

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