2020-0825 – Jenn

[Jenn – Downtown – Rose Garden – Bar – BoL – A]

Jenn looked up as Varen approached, and just managed to set her glass down stably before he grabbed her in a hug. She laughed, surprised but not worried, and returned his hug. “You look pretty fantastic yourself, though I reckon you look amazing every night. I love the dress!” She looked Varen up and down, and briefly wished she’d been more daring with her choice of attire. She noted that Varen was even taller than usual, and she glanced down at his black pumps, Jenn herself favouring flats she could run in. Stupid of me really, why would I have to run? It’s not like I was expecting a climbing wall in here… “Maybe I should’ve tried some shoes like that… But I uhh, I don’t have anything with heels.”

She grinned anyway as they settled by the bar. “I’m good, Annelie too… It’s only been a couple of nights man, things haven’t changed much.” She sighed, picking up her glass. “Didn’t get to eat tonight though, so I guess this is going to have to do. It’s really good though, you should try it!” The bloodwine was already making her start to feel slightly lightheaded, loosening up a tad, and she took another sip. Yeah, this could turn out to be a nice night I reckon.

“Oh, and yeah definitely, I’d love to meet more Roses, introduce me around!” Thank fuck for Varen, I’d surely never have introduced myself…

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