2020-0825 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont – Gasworks Gallery – BoL – NA]

[Wake Roll: Success | BoL Roll: Fail | Hunger: 1 –> 2]

Ariyah was laying the black garment bag on the sofa and had her back to the door when the knock came.

“Come in.” She called as she turned to face the doorway, “ah Kalvin, I was expecting you. Please, come in.”

Ariyah watched as the tall blonde closed the door behind him and stepped further into the room. She would have much-preferred feeding from sanguine-Robert before going to the garden party, but the man was away in Portland for an exhibition. So, Kalvin would do instead.

“Are you going to a party?” Kalvin asked when Ariyah didn’t say anything.
Ariyah looked at her paint-covered jeans and t-shirt and raised an eyebrow at him. The young man quickly explained, “Your hair, it’s all done up, and there’s a garment bag on the sofa.”

Ariyah patted the half-updo – incongruous with her casual clothes – self-consciously. She didn’t want to wear her party dress when she fed, so it meant she looked a little strange at the moment. She waved a hand as she lied, “Yeah, a client of mine is throwing this party, and she wants me to attend. I’m hoping to meet some potential patrons tonight.”

She saw Kalvin’s eyes light up at the mention of patrons; she knew the oil painter had been struggling to sell recently. She walked up to the man, her eyes never leaving his as she added, “You know, I could always see whether anyone’s a potential fit for you while I’m there, maybe put in a good word or two?”
She put a hand on his chest as she looked up at him. She saw it in his green eyes when he registered her meaning. She breathed in his scent as he silently nodded his head.

[Bloodhound: Resolve + Awareness: 4  successes vs 4 diff | Success | Melancholy]

As expected, Kalvin’s blood smelled like choc-mint ice cream, and Ariyah’s smile widened as she pulled him down for a Kiss.

[Herd | Fleeting Melancholy | Hunger 2 —> 1]

Ariyah closed the wound on Kalvin’s neck; the feeding had been quick and without fuss. It seemed that having a quid pro quo relationship with her herd was the best way of going about things in the end; none of the guilt of having broken any trust, as had been the case with Jacob.
Ariyah stepped back from Kalvin, at the same time the man straightened up, his eyes foggy with residual pleasure.

Maybe it was time to redefine her relationship with Jacob.

Without having to be told, Kalvin left Ariyah to prepare for her party. Ariyah pulled out the dress from the garment bag and gave it an appreciative look.
It was a pink and cream affair with an open back and a hi-low hem. Pink roses with gold leaves were embroiled on the tulle upper layer, and the excessive amount of material in the skirt made for a very extravagant silhouette.
This was one of the first dresses that Jasper had gifted her, and she had remembered it fondly. She had been initially quite reluctant to wear it, fearing that she would ruin it. But her sire had told her that dresses were made to be worn and that in their clan, outfits like this were their armour.

As Ariyah slid the dress around herself and buckled on her shoes – a plain pair of white heels with a jewel-encrusted bow in the back – she mentally prepared herself. This was the first time officially meeting the other Roses in Seattle, and she knew she had to put on a good first impression. She didn’t know how well the Roses knew each other, and she had to be prepared to be the odd one out. Hopefully the skills her sire had taught her, and that she had honed in the years in Melbourne, would help her tonight.

Ariyah was still giving herself a prep talk as she got into her Lyft car and made her way Downtown.

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