2020-0825 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont > Post Ashes Gallery: Bar Area – BoL – A]

Ariyah arrives at the location texted to her, and she gets out of the ride-share, walking straight into the gallery-slash-bar that was the location for the Rose Garden party that night.

She decided to make a quick round of the venue first, to get a feel for the atmosphere and to scope out who else has arrived so far. Maybe she’ll even get to meet her host, though how she would recognise a person she’s only communicated with via text was beyond her.

The gallery was lovely, with a few exciting pieces that Ariyah tagged for a more in-depth viewing later; tonight was about socialising, and she needed to make sure she doesn’t lose herself in art appreciation when she should be making connections. She nodded at a masked Kindred who seemed to be scrutinising a piece on the wall, before continuing on her way.

Further down the gallery was a surprise, a section full of video arcade machines. It has been a while since Ariyah had played any arcade games, and she wasn’t sure she was dressed for it, but who knows what the night will bring? Maybe some Kindred would be asking for challengers later on?

Lastly, Ariyah made her way back to the bar. The red lighting in the room turned her dress from pink to deep reds, and Ariyah didn’t mind the look, though she wondered what it was doing to her skin tones.
She noticed a few other people in the room, although they seemed to be in conversation already. So she approached an empty part of the bar, curious about the refreshments when she heard someone being addressed as “Tobias”.
Ariyah turned to see who the host of the party was, and realised it was the man wearing the floral printed suit. She nodded to herself in appreciation; it’s what she would expect of the Kindred who is leading tonight’s shindigs.
She abandoned the idea of ordering a drink, instead making her way to the knot of men at the other end of the bar. She paced her steps so that she approached just at a lull in their conversation.

“I’m sorry for interrupting,” Ariyah began, “I just overheard that you are the host for tonight’s party? I’d just like to thank you for extending me an invitation, even though we have not formally met. My name is Ariyah Daniels; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Although she started by addressing Jackson, she ended her introduction with an inclusive glance at the rest of the gathering.

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