2020-0825 – Varen

[Varen – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar – BoL – Beautiful – A ]

Varen’s strawberry blond curls bounced airily as he pushed his way into the Art Gallery that Tobias had given the address of. It was lovely inside, the red lighting was very atmospheric, and he appreciated the roses decorating the bar. How thematic. His tall heels clicked loudly on the floor as he approached. Damn he looked nice. He spotted a young looking man with a medical mask whom he did not know, as well as Michael and Tobias by the bar, with two women he didn’t recognise.

“Good evening, Michael, Tobias.” Varen said softly, the intensely Phlegmatic blood rushing through his system. “The gallery is lovely, Tobias. You really outdid yourself; love the suit by the way.” His gaze flickered to the microphone and he felt a conflict bubble up. He had known it would be there, and he knew he wouldn’t be forced to, but the possibility still made his stomach lurch a bit. He turned his head to the two women whom he didn’t recognise.

“Varen Duchene, pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He flashed a quick smile, before turning his gaze back to Tobias. “You even got a shitton of booze!” He grinned. “Thank god for that.” His ears perked as he heard the door open, and he was gob-smacked. It was Jenn. But he had to blink a few times to make sure he was seeing correctly. He backed away from the group. “Excuse me a moment.” He walked quickly to the beautiful Rose.

“Oh my god, Jenn you look fantastic!” He gave her a tight hug in greeting. “I never expected to see you dressed like this, but holy fuck you look stunning!” He gushed over his friend and walked around her to examine the rest of the dress. “How are you? How’s Annelie?” He was practically squealing. “Dude we have got to check out the art later. I’ve gotta grab a drink though. Come with? I can introduce you to some of the others too!”

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