2020-0825 – Iris (@Mikael)

[Iris – Downtown – Post Ashes Gallery: Bar area – NA – No BoL]

High heels softly clicked against the pavement of the floor, after having paid the cab driver Iris walked down the street. Her long deep red dress left nothing to the imagination as it hugged rather snugly against her body. Opening the door of the gallery she first stepped into a small reception area where she left her small black overcoat. Gatherings like this weren’t really her forte, she had always hated all the political poobah, she wasn’t a socialite and never tried to act like one. What she did know however was that it couldn’t hurt to get to know some of her fellow Toreadors that lived in Seattle, for that reason alone she had decided to doll herself up in the way that she had done.

Stepping into the bar area with her usual confident stride the old rose let her gaze roam free, taking in all the little nuances, the rose themed bar and the warm lighting. It was quite clear that their host, Tobias, had spared little to no expanse to throw this party. There were already some people inside, she wondered which of the three men that she could see was Tobias when she suddenly heard his name. Her beautifully painted lips parted slightly in a breathless ‘oh’ as she fixed her gaze on the young blonde man with his beautifully themed suit. Normally she would have rolled her eyes at such clothing but for a gathering like this it seemed well on point. The artisan sat herself down on one of the bar stools, her hands ran down her deep red dress before she addressed the small bouquet of roses that had gathered around their host. “Iris Smid, It’s lovely to make all of your acquaintances” Her red painted lips parted a small smile. “I must admit when Louella mentioned a garden party… I expected something like a botanic garden. I’m so glad that it isn’t.“

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