3020-0825 – Jackson – Pre-Reset

[Jackson: Elysium – BoL, Prereset]

“No, no, I am in the news industry just from chosen vocation and a tolerance for pain. No insult taken at all.” There was a chuckle, no doubt that would be a function of the Camarilla. They seemed to have their net wide and in many different industries to keep those of the Tower safe. From what he knew of how they operated if they didn’t have a kindred on call for a certain function, ghouls and favors to the powerful could always be levied. Damn his reservation over instilling the blood bond, that was one of the benefits having such a wide web of influence.

“Though I haven’t been a proper Journalist for a while. I own a media company now. You may find yourself as you expand your business you do less of the busy work yourself. Being in the field is fun, but someone has to manage everything.” He said, musing on how slowly he hardly got to do stories any more. Perhaps when he did do the business transition he would have a chance to brush up on his journalistic writing. His hand reached over and read the card. Busy Vines Design interior design and such, interesting.

“I may have a satellite office that could be used with a makeover. I will keep that in mind.” The card disappeared into his jacket pocket. He presented her with one of his own. It had the words J-Star Media with business information. “If you need help with publicity, news, or need to know of someone. Do feel free to call on me for such favors. The night is drawing to end, It was nice to enjoy Elysium a while. Thank you for that Ms. Daniels.”

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