2020-0821 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Downtown to Elysium – BoL – A]

As the Lyft pulled onto the exit for Harbour Island, Ariyah considered the idea of getting her own car more seriously.
The Elysium was not in a convenient location, and she didn’t have a way to manipulate the driver’s memories if they dropped her off near the barge. The only safe way was for her to asked to be dropped off about half an hour walk from the boat, and on most nights, that’s just a pain.
Having her own of transport would definitely bypass that problem.

Ariyah got off at the parking lot to the closed deli on the other end of the island and caught the driver giving her a curious look.

[Daunt Activated]

Ariyah stared back at him, a low simmer of danger emanating from her. She watched as the man quickly put his car in gear and drove out of the parking lot.

Maybe he’ll think I’m involved in some shady drug deal and not overthink it. Ariyah thought to herself.

She wrapped her scarf more tightly around herself and pulled the beanie a little lower over her head. The fog is going to make her hair frizz uncontrollably by the time she gets to the boat.

Another reason to get a car. Ariyah thought, And with the new businesses I’ve been getting, I can afford a car. Nothing too fancy. And it’ll be so handy when I need to carry supplies across town…

Ariyah spent the walk to the aquatic Elysium scrolling through possible car models on her phone.

She only looked up when she got to the top of the gangplank and saw the Keeper manning the door.
Ariyah hadn’t been back to the Elysium since receiving the Prince’s letter. He hadn’t specified that she wasn’t welcomed in the Elysium, but she wanted to avoid any missteps until she’s gotten the situation sorted.

And Collin had said it’s over now; that her completing that job means she’s welcomed at Elysium again, but she wasn’t sure whether the rest of the Tower had gotten the message yet.

Ariyah squared her shoulders, and giving the woman at the door a bright smile, walked calmly through the entrance.
No alarms and no thugs appeared to throw her off the boat.
For a moment Ariyah wondered whether there was some scribe in the depths of the boat somewhere writing her a scathing letter even now. Would she get home later tonight to find a black envelope under her door?

Ariyah pushed the scary thought away. She shouldn’t be borrowing trouble where there wasn’t any.
She needed to focus, chat to some Kindred, see what’s been going on.

Ariyah stepped into the Elysium proper and scanned the modest crowd inside. There were some she recognised, some she’d even talked to, but there were a lot who were unknown to her too.

She wandered over to the bar, leaning against the scratched wooden surface, and just let the atmosphere of the room wash over her. Most people seemed involved in a conversation already, and she waited to see if an opportunity for an introduction presented itself.

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