2020-0821 – Jackson Mitchell

[Jackson: Elysium – NA, BoL]

Jackson parked his car away from the boat as was usual. He took a breath to steady himself, feeling that foreign feeling of uncertainty. Though he didn’t know why such trepidation was filling him these nights. The Police visiting his house the other day, or perhaps the story Mr. Covington told him of SI agents who he ran into. The wolves not just at the gates, but in the courtyard merely hiding between the hedge walls until the opportunity presents itself to rip into their neck.

”Drama Queen.” He muttered to himself with a humorless laugh.

He got out of his car, and walked through the fog up the ramp. He dressed down not in his usual attire, instead sporting a dark coat, sensible grey pants, and a casual shoe. Always striving to look as if he belonged in the Docks when he visited Elysium. Into the establishment and instantly he sees some familiar faces. Ako is talking with a person, he wonders how she has been doing since the meeting. His eyes shift over to see Aleixo engaged in conversation with the one Jasper mentioned. Even the good Professor Robert was here talking with some woman he hadn’t seen before.

Weighing the social graces afforded to him, he went to play it safe at the bar, there was a woman sitting alone potentially in the same predicament he was in. He sat at the open seat, his head shook at the bartender, signaling he didn’t need any blood tonight. “Elysium is buzzing tonight. I show up later in the night and almost everyone is tied up in conversation.” He smirked. “Well except for you, thank goodness. I’m Jackson Mitchell.”

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