2020-0820 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Downtown – Studio X – BoL – NA]

Master post of interaction between Ariyah and SPC Collin (@Taggie)

Ariyah stood outside Studio X, the light fog swirling around her as she tapped her phone against her thigh.
In the end, Collin had contacted her to meet him at the gallery for the debrief, and she had left Laura’s apartment after only a quick site inspection.
She knew she did a bang-up job at the task the Camarilla had assigned her, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t nervous about the upcoming meeting; who knew what else the Tower might blindside her with? Just like how she couldn’t have known a little letter to the Prince would get her tied to a project like this, to begin with.
But standing in the street wasn’t going to make the meeting go away. So Ariyah glanced to either side at the empty street, took a steadying breath, and walked into the art gallery.

Collin was waiting in the usual lounge area, past the gallery proper, sitting at the same small table with the plastic moulded chairs. He glanced up when Ariyah entered the room, smiled, and gestured towards one of the unoccupied seats.

“Ms Daniels, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your call so soon. I do hope you have some good news for me, I find myself in need of a fresh dose of competence this evening with everything else that has been happening. So then, how did your task at hand go?”

Ariyah took the offered seat, crossing her legs at the ankle.

“I did read about some strange happenings around Seattle. Was that Kindred related? As for my mission, I was able to put the painting and statuette in Laura’s apartment. They aren’t installed completely yet, as that would have to wait until the renovation is done, but I’ve put them in locations where they can record the going-on in the apartment.”

Ariyah took out her phone and loaded up a photo, “I was also able to find a draft of a speech Laura is planning on giving.”
She turned the display over to Collin, “Got an email address or phone number I can send it to?”

“Ah, well there have been some developments yes. Not exactly what I was referring to but best not to dwell, yes? We’re here to discuss you.”

Collin raises a brow slightly as he listens then nods, “Well then, we’re impressed. You worked quickly. She does not suspect then? It would be a tad awkward if, when we listened in, she knew. Though I am quite interested to see what you may have found.”

He then slips her an email address.

Ariyah was curious to know what developments Collin was referring to, and else might have been happening around Seattle to have caused the Camarilla representative such headache. But she knew better than to ask.

She picked up the slip of paper Collin passed to her and tapped the email address into her phone. She was interested to note the series of random numbers in the address and figured the email to be a burner account.

Just how paranoid is he? Ariyah thought, Although god knows how many bugs he’s arranged in people’s homes and businesses. Maybe being a bit paranoid is not unreasonable here.
Ariyah sent the picture she’d taken of the drafted speech to the man.

Collin takes out a phone and starts scrolling through for a moment before managing to pull up the email. He starts to read then kind of stops, glancing up at Ariyah, then back down to the tablet and nods to himself.

“This is helpful, judging from the photo you left the document where it was? This is good. We can certainly make use of this.”

He puts the phone away and leans forward a bit, a much more pleasant smile on his face as he regards Ariyah this time.

“I must say… this is impressive. There were some like I said who argued there was a limit to what you might be able to provide to our organization with your particular set of skills. Suffice it to say my dear I do believe you have rather definitively proven them wrong.”

“I should also note the people we have who are observing Laura are telling us that she was rather impressed with what she’d seen thus far as well, and was busy talking you up to those she knew within the city, I rather imagine you’ll find your name reaching places it hasn’t before.”

“Being able to do the task assigned to you while still delivering good results to the other party is… impressive. Competence is such a rare trait these nights I must admit I’m rather enjoying being in its presence.”

“In regards to the earlier… unpleasantness, I am authorized to tell you that when I deliver my report to the Prince on this, we shall regard the earlier stain on your reputation lifted. Not forgotten, just lifted. You will be welcomed into our establishments as well once more. I imagine if you should put some further effort into it, and deliver results like this once more in the future, you may even find yourself standing in our good graces.”

Ariyah nods at Collin’s question, “Yes, I left the piece of paper back where I found it. Figured we wouldn’t want to tip her off.”

She listened to Collin as he described the Camarilla’s impression of her work, trying to not let the compliments get to her head, “Yeah, well Laura is still a paying client, and I have a reputation to uphold. I had hoped to prove to the Camarilla that I’m an asset.”

Ariyah paused, wondering at the wisdom of her next words – should she really get in any deeper with Kindred politics? But then she remembered how staying out of it in Melbourne had left her vulnerable to her Sire’s enemies.
She pushed up her glasses as she added, “If there are any future opportunities for me to work for the Camarilla, I just want to say that I’m more than willing.”

Collin nods his head.

“We shall keep that in mind, Ms Daniels. But this does conclude our business here tonight. Rather pleasantly, I might add, a pleasant change of pace. Do take care out there, Ms Daniels, those not as careful as yourself are making a mess, do try not to get dragged down with them. And stay safe and well.”

Ariyah stepped onto the sidewalk outside Studio X, breathing out a sigh of relief.
It was done, the Camarilla was pleased with her work, and she’s let them know she’s open to future work. If they take her up on the offer, great, but if not, then she wouldn’t leave any sleep over it either. There’s nothing that Kindred has more of than time, and she can take as long as she pleased to climb this corporate ladder.

Ariyah pulled out her phone and called a Lyft car. She would have preferred to wait for the ride in a warm, dry location, but didn’t really want to go back to make small chat with the Camarilla representative.

If he’ll even let me back in. Ariyah thought to herself, Maybe it’s time I get a car, avoid this whole waiting-for-a-ride business.

But before that, now that she’s cleared that misunderstanding with the Camarilla, she should get to the Elysium. Find out what’s been happening the last few days.

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