2020-0725 – Story Teller (Collin Hasting, SPC)

[ST Collin – Studio X – NA]

Collin nods at the questions, seemingly pleased by them.

“Ms. Hitchens originally had a different designer working on her condo but we… freed her up to be available for another designer. She has however had some trouble finding a new one that fits her niche interests. We have arranged a potential meeting with her if you are so inclined to take us up on that, however if you have your own means of making contact she may end up being more receptive to that. Whichever path you go you’ll have to assuage her fears in an interview and get the job, but given your reputation we think you shouldn’t have too much trouble with that.”

“As for your point of contact, i shall indeed be your go to for the duration of this project. You can call this studio and leave a message for me here and it will find it’s way to me, though the usual restrictions on public discourse apply of course, they obviously are not in the know. As for extra’s, it’s less about what you could add and more what you could replicate and pass on to us. I’m sure a resourceful woman like yourself can find locate information we might be interested in and pass it along. But such actions would carry a risk.”

“As for risks there aren’t any beyond the obvious. Get in, plant the ‘art’ where it won’t be noticed, do your job and get out with her none the wiser and you’re golden. A normal day in the life with some little added spice. Should be entertaining, a good way to break up the night to night malaise so many are afflicted with.”

He nods at the folder.

“The last page has her contact information and the meet up we prearranged. You may either take advantage of this and make the call or can pursue it your own way. The job is yours Ms. Daniels, we look forward to seeing how you operate and what you are capable of.”

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