2020-0725 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Downtown – Studio X – BoL – NA]

Ariyah considered her options as she flipped through the dossier in front of her.
Using the way prepared by the Camarilla to make contact with Laura is all well and good, but maybe she can use some of her own clients to put in a good word for her as well; it’ll be easier for her to gain Laura’s trust if some of her own friends recommend Ariyah’s services. At the same time, Ariyah could probably find out a little bit more about this new client of hers.

“Can you tell me why the Tower is interested in this woman?” Ariyah asked Collin, “It’ll be easier for me to recognise good intel to pass on to you if I know what this woman’s done to come under Camarilla crosshairs.”

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