2020-0722 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Downtown – Studio X – BoL – A]

Ariyah inclined her head, an acknowledgement of Collin’s assertion of the current negotiation’s power dynamic. “That is true, Mr Hastings, I do not deny that the Prince is magnanimous in giving me this chance and not just driving me out of his city.”

She eyed the folder the other Kindred slid across the table. From the man’s words, it seemed that he didn’t know the specifics of her previous infraction of the Traditions.
So much for small mercies, I guess. Ariyah thought, mentally exhaling in a sigh.

Ariyah intently listened as Collin described the task expected of her. It wasn’t exactly rocket science, and most of it seemed pretty straightforward.
“Installing tech into someone’s house during a renovation would not be hard – most of the time I require my clients find temporary lodging elsewhere while I work anyway, so it wouldn’t seem out place if I did the same with this client. Hiding the tech amongst the decor would be even easier; I’ve done this at client’s request a few times as well. The only concern I have is gaining the client’s trust. I’m not saying I can’t do it, but sometimes it can take some time, depending on the individual.”

The Asian woman placed a hand on the folder and slid it closer to her side of the table. She opened it and scanned the photos and the dossier of a woman she was to sabotage. There was also photos of the woman’s condo.

“Laura Hitchens.” Ariyah mouthed as she read the name. She looked up at Collin, “you mentioned that she is paranoid. Do you already have a way for me to make contact with her or am I to figure that out myself? I know you said she’s in the middle of a renovation project, but it would be strange if I just showed up at her front door trying to convince her to let me paint her apartment.”

The Toreador flipped through the content of the folder, “Also, would you be my ongoing contact for this project should I have any questions? Like where would I get my hands on the extras you want me to add to the condo? Or any concerns that might pop up during the project.”

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