2020-0722 – Story Teller (Collin Hasting, SPC)

[ST Collin – Studio X – NA]

Collin looks more genuinely amused this time then he had before, seeming to enjoy this situation slightly, while also finding her somewhat entertaining. He rather lazily slid a folder across the table towards Ariyah before pulling back and beginning to talk.

“First off, my name is Collin Hastings, here representing the interests of the Camarilla this evening. And no, this does not make me a ‘big wig’ as it were, merely I’m the person that was asked to handle it. And my dear, while I do enjoy the moxy, it is a bit refreshing but also a little out of place. Do remember this is us doing you a favor, not the other way around. We don’t need you, but you do need us. However… we do believe this can be something that benefits us both.”

“I was hoping to somewhat hear from you what you’d done to be put into this little predicament, but you at least kept your head cool enough to not just declare what you’d done to quite literally the first person who pressed you about it when they offered you a chance to fix it. That’s hopeful, you’d be surprised how many people simply confess to something the moment they think the other party knows, so well done and all that.”

“As for the task at hand I can show you this much at least, but understand my dear it’s something my dear, we are here because you aren’t exactly trusted by the Camarilla so we aren’t going to just tip our full hand until we have commitment from yourself to doing what we need done. Honestly, imagine it, showing every person we did not trust what we were working towards without a commitment from them, we’d be just asking to get ourselves fucked over. You can either do, or get done, and my dear the Camarilla never lets itself get done.”
“What I can tell you is there is a situation where your talents could potentially help us. There is someone out there who represents a certain interest whose ear we’d like to have, but they are paranoid and clever, it’s difficult to sneak anything by them. However, they are in the middle of a renovation of sorts, looking to acquire some new pieces and rearrange the interior of their place. What we are requiring you to do is make contact with this person. Present yourself as a solution to the problem, gain their confidence then access their condominium. Do the job you normally do, find out what they are looking for and deliver it, with a few extra’s we shall entrust you to blend in with the rest. A means for us to keep tabs on them, find their pressure points to squeeze just right. A little light social espionage if you will. If you can pull this off for us we’ll consider making this a longer standing relation, willing to look past old sins while you do this sort of work for us on a more enduring basis, giving us the means and access to your clients to passing along things we might be interested in.”

He takes another long sip from the glass before casually setting it down again.

“If you are interested you can open the folder which has some information on the client and we can discuss the details quickly before letting you go on your way.”

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