2020-0720 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Downtown – Studio X – BoL – A]

Ariyah entered the dim studio, looking around curiously at the artwork hung up on the walls. It seemed someone had put some effort into the collection, and the Toreador was impressed. She made a note to come back during open hours to inspect some of the pieces more closely; they might fit some of her more picky clients.

Ariyah walked through the gallery and located the lounge area with its’ one inhabitant. She gave him a once over and was glad she had put a little effort into what she wore that night. It was a simple white dress with princess sleeves, a pair of slim-heeled Jimmy Choo’s, and a beige trench coat folded over her arms. It was understated, but she felt it fit the environs.

She smiled at the man as she approached the small table and took the chair that was offered to her. She crossed her legs at the ankles and draped coat and bag across her lap as she settled herself.

“Good evening, my name is Ariyah Daniels, and I believe I was sent to speak with you tonight.” Ariyah kept her opening line vague; she couldn’t be absolutely sure this was the man she was to meet – although how many ordinary people sit in deserted art galleries in the middle of the night? – and even he was, she can’t know that this was not a test of her ability to keep the Masquerade. She was, after all, not born last night.

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