2020-0720 – Story Teller

[ST Collin – Studio x – NA]

When Ariyah arrives to the studio she finds that there are some lights still on, though they are dimmed, and the door is still open. Inside there are several thin walls with paintings and artwork mounted onto them for viewing, for someone with a discerning eye who works with art and interior decorating it’s clear that these are fairly good quality pieces of work, and the price tag attached to them is not the sort of thing most would casually afford.

Past this gallery there is a lounge area with several rooms adjacent to it that are currently closed, and on one of the panton chairs at a small table is a man that appears to be in his later forties. He has black hair with a bit of grey mixed in, soft features, and holds himself with some poise. His clothing definitely fits the upper class atmosphere of this place, though not quite so pretentious as a suit. He has some papers in front of him that he appears to be looking at and a clear crystal wineglass whose contents are a bit to syrupy thick to be wine. He’s the only one currently present and if / when Ariyah makes her presence known he’ll gesture to the empty spot across from him with a slight smile and waits for her to introduce herself.

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