2020-0721 – Story Teller (Collin Hasting, SPC)

[ST Collin – Studio X – NA]

Collin smiled a tight smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes as he nodded at the introduction.
“Yes Ms. Daniels, I was told to be expecting you. I figured this sort of place might appeal to you based off your reputation, and oh yes we did a little checking. Not exactly a celebrity but still known in your little circle. That speaks well of the quality of your work at least, which is part of the reason we brought you here.”

“Now then, you appear to have had an… accident in your earlier days. That does not speak quite as well on your character, these things don’t exactly just… happen. However, we are capable of being understanding that one bad act doesn’t necessarily define someone. But such understanding does come at a price, a show of commitment to our cause as well as the capability to prove you are worth the investment and trust required to overlook past sins. Now design/decorating is not exactly a skill set that screams ‘must have’ within our group, as frustratingly short sided as I might consider such sentiment. But we do believe we found a use for your skills that might benefit us both, as that is how things go here, what’s good for us does tend to be what’s good for you. I won’t lie to you though, there is an element of risk involved, we will be asking you to use that reputation of yours for our benefit. But should you accomplish what we have set out for you we’ll consider it the start of a more lasting arrangement and perhaps consider forgiving past sins for the moment.”
He takes a long sip from his glass as he gives her a slight look over, setting it down as he folds his hands in his lap.

“If you understand this and are still interested, I can tell you what we’ll be asking you to do. If it doesn’t strike your fancy you are free to walk away. There won’t be any fallout from this, we’ll simply keep our current status quo as it is.”

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