2020-0717 – William (@ArchonBun)

[William – Cargo Area, Table – A, No BoL]

The girl, William thinks, is far more polite than the average kindred he’s met in Elysium so far. Of course, he doesn’t hold the lack of etiquette against the others whose path he crossed, as times change greatly (and he would know that), but the truly old-fashioned can and will take offense. And the offense of a kindred, even in Elysium, is no light thing.

He smiles faintly as he takes the cards, one for himself, one for young Tobias. Busy Vines Design, and the silver roses glinting in the yellow light of the container bar. Pretty, he thinks. He focuses on it more than he focuses on his surrounding, as if that single patterning could drown out the general… displeasure that the ambiance brings him. But he soon tucks them away in a pocket of his jeans, as there is yet company, and ignoring either of them won’t do. Especially Edith.

Who seems… different from memory. That, of course, beyond the outfit and the mask. But so is he — he was a sadder man, back then, trapped in a limbo of ennui. He’s lost the sadness and the ennui both. These nights have been merely calm.

« I’ve been well, or as well as one can be », he answers to Edith, avoiding detailed mentions of his journey through the States. « Certainly better than I used to. » Though not as rich, and perhaps his clothing tonight is testament enough of it, no matter how much the Camarilla asks to dress down to come to the ship.

His mould-green eyes turn to Ariyah. [ Wits + Insight, 2 successes vs diff. 3, Failure, 1 WP spent ] Her face downturned, as if ashamed. William takes in a deep breath, a sigh, his favourite among all humans affectations. « I do find how many sires abandon their childer a troubling trend. Even not counting the Traditions… it isn’t a matter of respecting them. Rather a matter of respecting your own progeny. »
His lips press down lightly. « But I suppose that’s too much to ask of some. Still, you seem to have learnt the song and dance quite thoroughly, Miss Daniels. » And that will serve her well, and likely already has.

« We all do, with time. »

He doesn’t look at Edith as he says it, but he does, in part, think of her also.

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