2020-0715 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

[To discern William’s mood at Ariyah’s interruption: Wits + Insight: 3 successes]

“Mr William. Ms Edie,” Ariyah smiled in response to the two Kindred’s acquiesce and made to sit down.
She was halfway in her seat when she met the Nosferatu’s gaze and heard the audible pop from Edith’s joints. The Toreador froze but covered her momentary lapse in etiquette by redirecting her attention to shifting her chair to a better position.
She had nothing against Nosferatu per se, a lot of her best clients used to be from the Unseen Clan and some of them were willing to splurge on their haven design; it was just that they each had their own curse and some took more getting used to than others. Ariyah mustered all her client-meeting experience to maintaining her smile as she settled in her seat.
“A reunion between friends after a long separation is a cause for celebration. I am honoured that you have allowed me to join you tonight.”

“I apologise for not providing my lineage,” Ariyah continued, readjusting the glasses on her nose, “I don’t know the identity of my Sire, as he abandoned me immediately after the Embrace.” She looked down at her phone as she told the lie, busying herself with extracting a few business cards from the phone case. “But I was Embraced in the mid-2000s, so that would make me a Neonate.”

[Manipulation + Subterfuge: 3 successes | 1WP]

She held the cards in both hands as she handed them respectfully to the two Ancillae; she wouldn’t usually go so far with people her own age, but these two individual exuded seniority, “Here are my contact details. I am a muralist and an interior designer by trade. I do both commercial and personal spaces. And because of what I do, I can sometimes get access to locations for private… Kindred… uses.”
As an aside, “Mr William, here’s a second card, please feel free to pass my details to your Toreador friend. I am also eager to meet with fellow Roses in Seattle.”

The cards were white on one side with the name ”Busy Vines Design” on the top and Ariyah’s name and contact number on the bottom. The back of the card was black with a pattern of roses done in silver foil.

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