2020-0717 – Edie

[Edie – Elysium – Repulsive – A]

There it is, Edie thought, as she noticed the Toreador freeze. In her early nights, back when she had last known William, she had been insulted, or more accurately ashamed at the way his clan had reacted to her. Her shame was one of the original catalysts for covering her face after all. But these nights she was used to the reaction, and just felt satisfaction at having predicted it.

“Oh don’t worry my dear, we may be in Elysium, but this is not court per se – Failing to give a lineage is hardly a gross breach of manners. Honestly I have come to expect people introducing themselves by a first name and leaving it at that within this Domain, so your introduction is a pleasant change.”

She reached out a twisted claw in a pink and black two-tone velvet glove, and took the card offered by Ariyah. She scoffed and shook her head as the younger Kindred spoke of her abandonment. “So many bad Sires. It is a disgrace to the Third Tradition that it keeps happening. Still, you seem to have made it this far alone, and even without a Sire know more of Etiquette than many Kindred in this Domain seem to, so I suppose I should congratulate you.” She nodded at William’s reaction, agreeing at least in part. As a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother et cetera, she found the idea of abandoning one’s progeny highly distasteful.

[Wits+Insight to detect the lie: Failure]
She opened a purse at her hip, and stowed the business card away, before bringing out a blank card of her own and a fountain pen, writing in a pretty, flowing and calligraphic cursive that entirely belied her hunched and grotesque appearance.

Should you ever need assistance while within this domain, feel free to call my man Perkins. He will appraise me and I will either assist or put you in touch with someone who can.


She wrote Perkins’ number below the note and slid the card across the tabletop to Ariyah. “I will keep your card, and if somebody needs a beautiful venue, or Haven renovations, perhaps I can put them in contact with you.” She did so love making business connections – Something that had never changed.

As William spoke of learning the ‘song and dance’ Edie sat back again in her seat, amused, stretching her spine with a series of cracks and pops. “I feel, Mr. Harley, that my dancing days are behind me, sadly. I did so love dancing in my youth.” Reconnecting with William was bringing back thoughts of old times, and even older times, before her Embrace.
“Of course that was before we met… I recall wondering whether you were truly my elder in terms of years lived as well as years Embraced, as you appear younger at least than I… At the time I dared not ask of course, so new I was… I dared not do much in those days to be honest.” She eyed him from behind the mask, before relenting. “But yes, we have all learned and adapted to our environs.” Her eyes moved over his clothing, rough and unkempt, though she would not judge – the court said to dress down, and he looked perfectly like a modern casual gentleman. Or, well, not a gentleman, just a man. As a Nosferatu she had no claim to judge appearance anyway; the very thought was ridiculous.

She dredged up old memories about this man she knew over a century ago, “I remember your paintings as well… Everything was so overwhelming my first few years, but I could always understand why the Toreador embraced you… Uland wasn’t it? Are you two still in contact at all?” she asked, neglecting the possibility that Uland might have met final death in the last hundred and twenty years, as might any of their other acquaintances from that court.

“Oh, how rude of me!” She took another card from her pouch and proceeded to write a note to William as well.

Dearest William,

This is the number of my man Perkins, feel free to contact me through him any time.


She passed him the card; possibly her first contact in this Domain, save perhaps Em, who might be a social rather than business contact, and Em sat squarely across both categories.

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