2020-0715 – William (@ArchonBun)

[William – Elysium – A, No BoL]

Holding the back of the chair and pulling it from under the table, William sits down and quietly crosses his legs. The crack in her neck as she moves… even fully covered as she is, it dug up memories of her when she didn’t hide her face yet; her confirmation of her identity, then, brings a small smile on his lips, one that’s more in his eyes than on his mouth.

« We’ve met », he confirms, « but it was some time ago, and under rather different circumstances. » His smile widens. He was young, then, and she was younger still.

« William Harley », he says, « and we met in London at the turn of the century. The previous century, that is. It was in Elysium the first time and, I think, you were freshly embraced. » His accent is laced with the sounds of the American West Coast, the sounds of Seattle, absorbed through the three decades of his permanence in the city, but the suggestions of high class London a century ago rise to the surface with surprising ease, now that he speaks with someone who would recognise them easily.

It’s then that a young woman joins them, William looking up at her; she is somewhat interrupting, but he doesn’t find reason to shoo her away, not if Edith doesn’t herself. He gives the Nosferatu a brief look.

« William », he says then, introducing himself a second time, a touch more formally, « childe of Uland Brighton of the Court of Mithras, Ancilla of Clan Toreador. » He considers, briefly, what Gentian told him about the fledgling, Tobias, wishing to host a meeting. « Would you like to leave us your contacts, Miss Daniels? I know a young Rose who might want a way to talk with others of the clan. »

[Edie – Elysium – Repulsive – A]

Edie watched and listened, still trying to grasp at the memory that made him so familiar, and when he mentioned the turn of the century her thoughts only went back twenty years.

‘The previous century that is.’

Her eyes widened – Suddenly something fit; she did remember this gentleman, although it was a very long time ago – a hundred and twenty years is a long time to anybody, and even the Elders didn’t consider centuries short, particularly in this day and age. “William, I remember now! It has been… a very long time indeed.”

She would have been far less composed, and dressed more like a lady of the period last they met, and Edie realised with an internal start that he had likely seen her face. Her real face. Back then she had been discomfited by any attention at all, ashamed of her hideous nature, and over the course of years had developed her current masked affectation. He had seen her when she was newly embraced, just a fresh Nosferatu among the many Kindred of the court of London at the Empire’s height. She was frankly astonished that he remembered her well enough to recall, but some had a knack for such things.

“It is good to see you again, Mr. Harley. I… hope you have been well?” It seemed a feeble question to ask, but she was still off-balance from the realisation of who he was and the memories it evoked. The Edie he knew before was still reeling from having lost her family, her fortune and her life, whereas now she had over a century of court experience under her proverbial belt.
Edie looked up as a third person approached, and Edie was glad to have something to focus on other than the distracting, embarrassing, humiliating feeling of sitting at a table with someone who had seen her face; They may as well have experienced lewd congress for the embarrassment she felt at the thought, just hoping he would not mention it and they could move along.

Edie did her best to distract herself from the thought by listening to the introduction of Ms. Daniels – Edie found herself pleased, finally having been approached by someone who gave their name and clan upon introduction. Since this was Elysium, but not necessarily Court, the lack of lineage was acceptable, and she approved of the lady’s introduction, nodding with the click of vertebrae.

“Good evening, Ms. Daniels. I am Edith Whitmoore, Ancilla of Clan Nosferatu, Childe of Fernand Savatier of the Court of Mithras. But please, call me Edie. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I am sure.” She inclined her head politely. “Please, do join us; we were just rediscovering one another’s company after a very long time apart.”

Her murky yellow-brown eyes took in the young Toreador, a part of her always wondering when one of the Roses would next grimace or flinch at her grotesque movements or what little they could see of her eyes. She was sure this lady would rather be talking to William alone, but since she was here, Edie was pleased to make a new contact.

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