2020-0714 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Elysium – BoL – A]

The ridesharing service dropped Ariyah off at the Harbour Marina Corporate Centre on Harbour Island, and the Toreador made the rest of the way to the Elysium on foot.
It took the better part of half an hour, and Ariyah mentally marked that as another strike against the Elysium’s location; there just wasn’t an inconspicuous way of getting to the docks that weren’t also a huge time sink.
She didn’t have the advantages of disappearing into thin air like some Kindred, and she wasn’t skilled enough yet to completely re-write other people’s memory. If Elysium continued to be in this location, Ariyah would need to train up certain aspects of her skills.

As she neared the large cargo ship, Ariyah schooled her thoughts. She was pretty sure there wasn’t a Kindred power that could allow someone to pluck thoughts out of her head, but it was best not to risk it; after all, she hadn’t known about the mark Diablerie left either.

Ariyah ascended the gangplank and nodded to the Keeper. As she passed the other woman, Ariyah remembered that she hadn’t received a response to her letter. For a moment, the Toreador wondered whether the Prince had read the letter yet and whether it was a question she could ask the Keeper. In the end, she decided that it was better not knowing. If there was a job that the Prince wanted her to do, he’d let her know.
Ariyah gave herself a mental shake, pushed her glasses up her nose and entered the Elysium.

There weren’t any people whom she’d previously talked to. In a way, that was good; she was here to make connections, and talking to the same people wasn’t going to help her do that.
The young Asian woman looked around and chose one of the smaller groups at the other end of the room.
Ariyah had previously seen the elaborately dressed individual at Elysium – the Venetian mask was hard to miss – but she wasn’t sure she’d seen the woman’s companion before.

Ariyah waited until she was next to their table before she made her introductions.
”Good evening. My name is Ariyah Daniels, of the Toreador Clan. I’m relatively new to Seattle and was hoping to meet and introduce myself to the local Kindred. I hope I’m not interrupting?”

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