Week 5th – 11th July, 2020

[Ariyah – Fremont – Sean’s Clay Corner – BoL – NA]

[Wake roll: Success | BoL roll: Failed | Hunger: 1 –> 2]

Early evening pottery class at Sean’s Clay Corner. It was the usual crowd, so about six people sitting in a studio lined with shelves stacked with projects at various stages of completion. The lighting was kept bright but not glaring, to allow for proper illumination without eye strain.
The sounds in the room were held at a low murmur as most students focused on their work.
Ariyah kept her eyes on her wheel as she made yet another attempt at pulling up a wall. Throwing clay was certainly not her forte, but sometimes it was good to try different things.

The spinning column of clay collapsed between her hands.

Definitely not her forte.

A low chuckle came from behind her, “You nearly got it this time, but remember, there’s no bad try, you learn from each mistake you make.”

Ariyah smiled at Clarke, the instructor for the night, as she cut the toppled clay cylinder from the wheel. The middle-aged man walked away, and Ariyah sighed as she slapped another ball of clay on her wheel.

Throwing clay was not the only thing she was having no luck with tonight. She’d tested a couple of the other students tonight and either they were devoid of any meaningful aura, or their scent was so cold and bitter it made her nose sting.

[Bloodhound: Resolve + Awareness: 6 successes vs 4 diff | Success | Melancholy]
[Bloodhound: Resolve + Awareness: 2 successes vs 4 diff | Failed | 1WP]

Sometimes she wonders whether she should do what some of her brethren do; go to a club, wink as some unsuspecting kine, take them to the back for a make-out session, and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got yourself a willing midnight snack. Not to mention that most of them would be smelling of the nice happy stuff that Ariyah preferred.
But Ariyah was never a clubbing person when she was alive, so she’s never really picked up the habit when she died.

It’s one of the reasons she’s still debating on whether to attend the rave later that night.
On the one hand, she’s never been to a rave before, so it’ll be an experience for her. But on the other, she has nothing to wear. She’d been alive and breathing during the 90s, and she cringes every time she thinks of what constituted fashion back in those days.
After finally managing to shape a couple of non-collapsing cylinders, Ariyah took her clay scraps to the collection bin for recycling. Out of habit, she inhaled as she walked passed a curly-haired woman.

[Bloodhound: Resolve + Awareness: 5 successes vs 4 diff | Success | Sanguine]

Ah, that’s what she was looking for.

Just to make sure, Ariyah took a second breath. The mix of citrus and honey tickled the back of her throat as she continued her way to the recycle bin. Out of the corner of her eye, she studied the woman intently focused on her clay.
The woman was solidly built and much taller than Ariyah’s petit frame. Although with her serious expression, she didn’t look like the stereotypically sanguine person, there’s no denying the scent of joy and happiness emanating from the woman’s blood.

And Ariyah wanted that blood.
She wasn’t starving, at least not more than usual, but this woman would be the perfect solution to Ariyah dilemma. If Ariyah was lucky, this woman’s blood might contain more than just a fleeting high, and Ariyah might have fun at the rave tonight.
[Scene Queen Hunting Check: Manipulation + Persuasion + Awe: 2 successes vs Diff 4 – 1 Fame | Failed | 1WP]

But tonight just wasn’t Ariyah’s night.
Ariyah spent the whole class keeping half an eye on the curly-haired woman, waiting for her to look up, catch her eye, maybe turn on a little awe. But the woman resolutely kept her head down, focusing solely on the clay in front of her.
Ariyah was so frustrated by the process, her own progress suffered, and she spent more time wedging her failed attempts than working on the wheel.

Ariyah held onto the hope that she might catch the woman at the end of class, maybe turn on her charm and ask for a ride back downtown. But when she came out of the building after cleaning up, she saw the woman get picked up by her boyfriend-maybe-husband-maybe-significant-other in his car.

There goes her meal for tonight, Ariyah grumbled to herself as she brought up the car-sharing service app on her phone. She didn’t have much time to try another place; she still had to go home and get changed for the rave.

Perhaps she could try her luck again later; there was the unspoken rule of no feeding at the rave, but probably on the way there…

[Ariyah leaves in a Lyft for her have in #chinatown.]

[Ariyah – International District – Ariyah’s Haven – BoL – NA]

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[From #fremont to Uwajimaya Village Apartments]

Ariyah got out of the Lyft at the front of Uwajimaya and made her way through the crowd of late-night shoppers. Her apartment was above the popular little shopping complex, and although it wasn’t a very isolated location, it suited Ariyah in its mundaneness; you just cannot imagine anything out of the ordinary happening here.

In fact, Ariyah works very hard to keep anything related to her unlife away from here. She doesn’t hunt here, and she doesn’t meet anyone not breathing here. The only thing unnatural is her dead unmoving corpse “sleeping” the day away in her IKEA furnished apartment.
So it was with quiet trepidation that Ariyah noticed the neat little black envelope peeking out from underneath her apartment door.
All her “human” mail would have arrived in her mailbox downstairs, and the only undead person to know her address is Marvin, and he doesn’t have a habit of dropping her unannounced communique.

Ariyah unlocked her front door, picked up the innocuous-looking envelope and walked into her apartment.
She made sure her door was locked, her windows shut and the roller shutters down before she sat down at her sofa and sliced open the envelope with a stainless steel letter opener.

It was a response from the Prince regarding her request for the Elysium, and it was bad.
The first half of the letter caused her to draw herself up in indignation, but it was the latter half that caught all her attention.
She’d hoped to gamble a possible minor slap on the wrist against the chance of gaining some status within the Kindred community – and maybe even win her some new clients for her business.
Instead, it seemed she had attracted the wrong kind of attention from the powers that be.

little black stains upon one’s aura

Ariyah wasn’t sure, but she had an inkling as to what it was referring to. She took out her phone and typed a quick message using an encrypted Signal channel.

Hey Marvin, quick question: you know that mistake I made in the past? The one involving J. Is that publicly visible?

The response came back nearly instantly:

Not sure, let me check.

Ariyah put down her phone, a little mystified at how her sponsor was planning on getting that information. It wasn’t like you can just ask the Kindred next to you, “hey do you know if Diablerie is going to leave a visible mark?”
If you weren’t careful, that line of questioning could get you an up-close and personal interview with the Prince himself.

Ariyah just realised that her rave plans for the night had gone up in smoke when her phone buzzed.


I'm sorry, maybe you shouldn't have gone to E__ yet. Apparently, things like that stain your reputation for a year. 
I'm assuming someone made a comment? Who was it? Maybe I can *talk* to them. 

Ariyah gave a dark chuckle as she thought of Marvin’s reaction when he reads her reply.


She could still remember the taste of Jasper’s blood.
She had been so thirsty, and they’d staked her for such a long time. And then they’d offered her blood, and she didn’t even care where it came from. That was until she’d come back to her senses and saw her Sire lying dead in her arms.
They’d blamed her of course, said she’d lost control and attacked her own Sire. Never mind that she’d been captured, staked and left to starve for weeks. Forget the fact that Jasper had been tied up, torpored and offered to her on a silver platter.
They’d set a blood hunt on her, and that was that.
It had all been part of some Ancillae’s plan, though hell if she knew what it was about. So she’d been set up, driven out of her home, and now it’s all come back to bite her.

Ariyah sent a follow-up message to Marvin.

HRH also asked whether you knew anything about it. I'll be telling him no.

Ariyah could hear the sigh in Marvin’s response.

That might be for the best.

One of them on the outs was better than both of them being in trouble. At least it didn’t look like the Prince was going to call a blood hunt on her any time soon.

If you wish to regain our good opinion, you will have to prove your judgment is not quite so dangerously flawed as it seems currently.

The Prince’s letter seemed to hint at a way of getting back in his good graces. Perhaps there was some task he had in mind. But her skills were mainly in the Arts, and if he wasn’t interested in renovating the Elysium, she wasn’t sure what else he might have in mind for her.

Ariyah sighed, standing up and going to her desk. She had a letter to write.

[Ariyah – Elysium – BoL – A]

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(From haven in #chinatown to #the-elysium – just prior to sending the letter)
Ariyah finished off her letter and sealed it in its envelope.
It had taken her a little while to figure out the wording of the letter, and it had taken all her self-control not to mention anything about the Elysium – she did understand the concept of ”bread and circuses”, but she also felt that a welcoming and comfortable Elysium would attract more Kindred into conducting their businesses there. And wouldn’t that just make it easier for those in charge to keep an eye on the goings-on in their city? At least that was how it was done back in Melbourne. But to each Prince their own, right?

Ariyah got changed from her clay splattered clothes into a long-sleeved, square neckline dress. It was a cold night tonight, and it would be even colder at the docks, so it was the perfect excuse to wear her favourite woollen coat. A pair of cute glasses and her Nappa leather Docs completed her ensemble.

Outfit reference: https://discordapp.com/channels/517427294915002371/534340842727669761/730423826932039821

She ordered a Lyft and very shortly was dropped off at Harbour Island. This time she had the driver leave her near the off-ramp, and she made the rest of the way by foot.

As with her last letter, she handed it to the silent woman at the Elysium’s entrance. Ariyah wondered whether the Keeper of the Elysium was the one the Prince referred to in the letter as “able to see all manner of nasty things.” But there was no expression and no comment from the Keeper as she took the missive.

With her errand done, Ariyah hesitated at the entrance of the Elysium.
The night was still young, and if she went home now, she’d just end up stressing in the confines of her apartment.
But she certainly wasn’t in the mood to go to the rave now or any of the clubs for that matter.
Ariyah looked at the metal entryway and sighed; she was here anyway, might as well go in and see if there were other Kindreds who weren’t in the party mood.

[Ariyah enters the Cargo Section]

Inside, there were four other Kindred. Ariyah wondered at the kind of empty rattling noise the Elysium would make if someone were to shake the cargo ship at that moment.

Would you call that a ~death rattle~?
This place is so dead…

A few other terrible puns rose to her mind as she made her way over to the bar. The other Kindreds seemed deep in conversation, and she didn’t want to intrude, but her eyes jumped between the two groups, judging to see which – if any – were open to an additional participant.
When Ariyah got to the bar, the Toreador remembered the type of fare this place provided and hesitated. She really wanted to have a glass of some kind in her hand, it’ll keep her from fidgeting, but they were more likely to hand her a Tupperware container than not – especially with the recent letter she’d sent the Prince – and then where would she be?

Indecision wracks Ariyah, and she stands awkwardly at the bar, trying not to make any eye contact with the bartender.

[Morrigan, haven then elysium, BoL, A]

As she rose Morrígan stretched in almost feline manner her intent was to hit the rave she had heard about but first a visit to Elysium would be called for she thought. Moving to her altar she went through the process of lighting her incense and going through her devotions. Sprinkling some of the incense ash on the silver pendant that sat in the centre of the Triskele formed from three crows. It smelt of juniper and roses, placing this around her neck she approached her wardrobe and withdrew her attire for tonight. Slipping into it she here’s a tapping at the door walking over she opens it and looks down to see Carog “ good evening to you my friend” the crow caws back at her hoping onto the dressing table where she sits to do her make up. “ I am heading to Elysium and possibly to a rave so if you would be a darling and watch my back as were in a new city now” she gives him a gentle stroke under the beak which he seems to enjoy.

Closing the door to her temple haven she begins to make her way through the chill night enjoying the feel of the air on her skin. Arriving at where she had heard Elysium was held she was not too impressed but then if rumours were true it was for the best. Walking up the gang plank noting the woman present at the top she nods,before making her way inside to the main area.

As she enters her gaze wanders the ‘bar area’ clearly not impressed she notes about a few people before spying one alone at the bar. Walking forward towards this young looking lady, looks among the kindred are deceiving after all, for all she knew this being might be an elder. With a confident stride born of experience and just plain I’ve seen stuff that would make your hair curl she makes her way to the bar and orders a drink.

Turning to the young lady “ good evening, may I join? you as I am new in town and looking to meet the local Kindred.” Her voice has a soft Irish accent that is pleasant to hear

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah was saved from having to deal with ordering a drink when a soft Irish-accented voice spoke up from beside her. The Asian Toreador looked over to meet a pair of ice-blue eyes looking at her quizzically.
Ariyah registered the other Kindred’s question and gestured to the empty space next to her.
”By all means, it’s always good to meet more of our kind. My name is Ariyah Daniels, Clan Toreador. And you are?”

Ariyah scanned the other woman’s outfit. She appreciated the aesthetic but wondered whether she should tell the other Kindred about the dress-down policy currently in place.
In the end, she thought better of it; maybe this was dress-down for her, Ariyah certainly knew individuals who agreed with her.

”You say you’re new in town? Are you planning on staying, or just passing through?”

[ Morrígan, Elysium, Cargo section, BoL,A]

Taking the proffered seat she sits down smiling still “ I haven’t decided yet whether I will be staying long I do like to wander occasionally though I settle down, before here I was in the Illinois state.”
She takes a sip elegantly from her glass of blood. “ have you been here long Ariyah?” That soft accent making the name a lilting purr. She looks around before asking “ is it always this dead in here?”

As her head turns to survey the area around them noting its drabness, you see woven into her hair three silver tipped crow feathers that are tied into an intricate braid that weaves in and out of her long hair. She turns her attention back to Ariyah. Even though she seems to be breathing her skin is incredibly pale.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah noticed that the other Kindred hadn’t answered her questions, not even her name.

So it was to be that kind of interaction, was it?

Ariyah felt a smile come to her lips, it was one she hadn’t had to use for nearly a year now, ever since she’d left Melbourne and their court of Kindred. It was polite but cool and a little bit of sharpness to it; it was a smile that the Roses of the Melbourne Court were all familiar with.

”I hardly feel it’s fair to satisfy your questions when I don’t even know with whom I’m conversing with?”

Ariyah sat back a little in her seat, elbows on the armrest and fingers steepling in front of her. There was no danger or threat coming from the Rose, just a cool assessment. And the feeling that the next sentence she hears would finalise her judgment on the other Kindred’s character.

[ Morrígan, Elysium, cargo section BoL, A]

Morrígan’s smile is warm “ I’m so sorry my dear, I’ve been around those who know of me to long. My name is Morrígan” she holds out her hand “ of clan Gangrel, and as to your question about recently arriving it’s been about three weeks just long enough to set up home so to speak” another sip of the blood it’s not the best or filled with flavour but it does the job. “ and as I said I’m not sure how long I will stay it depends on opportunities and how the city is run.”

She looks her companion over either not noticing or not caring about the sharpness of the smile, letting her hands rest in her lap she leans back herself seeming more at ease now. “ I do love your accent, is it Australian? “ her eyes wander often as if looking for danger or potential threats it seems an unconscious action. She places her little hand bag on the bar it is a little black and gold affair but not overt.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah doesn’t let her smile drop, but she does reach over to take the other woman’s hand. She opted for a little squeeze before letting go. They weren’t Neanderthals and didn’t need to bruise or shake hands vigorously. Even if the other woman had called her, “my dear.”

”Yes, Australian. I’ve been in Seattle for the past eight months trying to get settled. You can say I’m a newcomer to these parts myself.”
Ariyah propped her head in one hand, “I’m the owner of a mural-slash-interior-design company. If you’ve just arrived, do you need some decorating done at your place? Or if you have a business and need the lobby done up or something?”

It was an obvious jab at finding out what the other Kindred did, but Ariyah wasn’t in the mood to be subtle tonight.

[ Morrígan, Elysium, Cargo Section, BoL, A]

Morrígan sits and contemplates a second the question asked by the young lady, not out of rudeness but out of trying to pace the terms used after a second or to she realises what the other meant “ at the moment I’m still arranging things but I would definitely like some work done once I have set things up, it is nice having four walls and a roof and some where to keep your clothes fresh.” She ponders a second and asks “ what sort of subjects interest you, when creating your art?”

“ I have always been fascinated by the theological works in churches and such though I do find many Christian churches a bit bland.” Her manner is getting easier “ though at the moment I do not have any employment other than helping a friend in her little occult shop, I do hope one day to open a business of sorts but I haven’t settled long enough to put roots down.”

She absently strokes the necklace she wears again it seems an unconscious thing. “ listen to me babbling on about religion you must think me old or boring” her smile broadens the red of her lips in contrast with the smooth pale skin. “In the time you have been here have you met any interesting people?” She falls silent and waits patiently.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah frowned a little at the words ”four walls and a roof”, remembering that not all Kindred have the same preference for their havens.
Her past interactions were restricted to a specific subset of Kindreds due to her Sire’s influences, so she was still used to thinking of every haven as being one kind of elaborate setup or another. But now that she was on her own, and making her own choices about her social circles, she needed to learn not to be surprised at other Kindred’s inclinations.

”Yes, a comfortable haven is quite essential. Here’s my business card for when you’ve gotten settled and want to get some work done.” Ariyah slid a white business card with the name ”Busy Vines Design” on the top and Ariyah’s name and contact number on the bottom. The back of the card is black with a pattern of roses done in silver foil.

When Morrigan asked about Ariyah’s art, the Toreador looked a little ashamed. However, the expression was not completely sincere, ”Since most of my art these days is done for my clients’ benefit, I can’t say that I’ve had much time to create according to my preferences.” Ariyah did not mention that none of her clients ever really gainsay her creative decisions. “However, when I can, I do like creating realistic illusions. Whether it’s landscapes or the interior of fantastical buildings, I want to completely transform the blank wall or room I’ve been given. When people step into a room I’ve painted, I want them to feel like they’ve been transported somewhere else.”

It was one of the reasons why she was becoming interested in interior design as well. She had discovered that her murals could only do so much, and she wanted to expand upon her illusions to include the physical objects in the room.
Morrigan’s comment on Christian churches made Ariyah blink, ”I’m sorry for sounding ignorant, but what other types of churches are there apart from Christian ones? Or are you referring to temples and synagogues?”
”And I’m not going to say you’re boring just because you’re interested in religion, ” Ariyah’s smile turned slightly less sharp and little more kindly, ”everyone has their own interests, and it’s not like you were giving me a 3-hour lecture. However, I would be interested to know a bit more about the occult store where you work. Is it a legit one, or one that caters to tourists? I’m not judging, either way. I’m just curious.”

”As for interesting people,” Ariyah shook her head, ”I’m afraid my contacts in the Kindred community is still lacking. I’ve been busy setting up my business and have only recently re-entered Kindred society.”

[ Morrigàn, Elysium, BoL,A ]

Morrígan smiled “ ah sorry if I caused confusion I myself am of an older faith and have never followed the Christian beliefs, so when I said Christian churches I was using plural but there are several different versions of that religion.” She takes the business card and examines it with interest before slipping open her bag and pulling out a card of her own it is simply a black card with silver writing. Her name and a number until you catch the card in the right light and there is a feint outline of a bird a crow you think.

“ my friends shop is most definitely for the practitioners of the old faiths not the tourists, incense herbs, books on magick. Pretty much for mundane practioners. I my self am versed in the more esoteric side of things but not to the extent of say a Tremere. “ her hands deftly tuck your card away, “ I would love to see some of your work sometime.”

She slips the purse back into her coat pocket and sips her drink noting to herself it’s not as pleasant as fresh stuff. Turning slightly to face Ariyah she asks “ whom are your regular clients mortals or our kind?” There is genuine curiosity and interest in her voice her eyes are giving you there sole attention. There is a hardness in them ice blue eyes that seems to be lurking in the background as if wary about opening up but she seems to be trying to do so.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah took the offered business card and gave it a quick scan before sliding it in her phone case. Her attention was more focused on Morrigan’s comment about the occult.
“Esoteric things? Like what?” There was a spark of curiosity in Ariyah’s eyes, “I’ve heard some stories about what the Tremere can do, but haven’t had the chance to see anything for myself. I would be interested to know what Kindreds, who are not with the Tremere clan, can do.”

“As for my work, I’m afraid I can’t show you stuff that I’ve already handed back to the owners.” Ariyah tapped a finger to her cheek, “But if you’re interested, I’ll text you the next time I finish a project. As long as I haven’t handed it back to the owner yet, you can come to have a look.”
There was a wistful look on Ariyah’s face, “It’s one of the reasons why I want to grow my business. I would like to be able to afford a showroom where I can put my work on display. I could implement some of my more creative ideas, stuff that might not be feasible in people’s homes.”

“Currently, my clients are mainly kine, though I used to do work for Kindred in the last city I lived in. I miss it, as projects for Kindred are usually more demanding. It doesn’t need to be said, but I never reveal where people’s havens are. So you can be assured of my silence. Call it my work ethics.”
Ariyah’s expression showed resoluteness, and there was a firmness in her stance. There was no doubt that she was telling the truth.

(Morrigan, elysium,BoL]

Smiling at her sincerity it seems to ease Morrigan a little “ well to answer your first question as a mortal I came from what the pagan community call a Witch family, and since my embrace I have studied it more.” She thinks a little not as if being rude but as if trying to answer your next question. “ well as you know the clans each have affinity for different gifts, though most can be used by all kindred with training and the right blood. “ again the pause “ my own clan tend to be able to work with animals and even change shape into them, we are closer to our in beast you might say, your clan can be faster than lightning, or see with a sight that is beyond the norm and many are inhumanly alluring.”

“ again these are not set in stone and may appear different depending on the individual” she stops as of expecting more questions. After a pause” I would love that, and I may indeed get you in to do some work for me” it would be nice if she decided to stay. Her smile is warmer as if she admires your drive and your resoluteness.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah looked confused for a moment before she realised where the misunderstanding happened. She laughed, not unkindly, just in genuine mirth, “Oh, I didn’t mean what Kindreds are capable of, in general; I meant what kind of esoteric things can you do. Since you are not of the Tremere clan, I just wondered what occult skills you were familiar with.”

Ariyah may not have any calling towards the occult arts, but she was interested in people who did. Hearing that Morrigan was initially from a witch family, she wondered how that might have influenced the Grangrel’s powers after Embrace.

However, before Ariyah could voice her questions, she felt her phone vibrate. Looking at the display, she sees Sofia’s name.
It was quite late for her to be calling and Ariyah feared that something might have happened at a client’s site.

“I’m sorry,” Ariyah said to Morrigan, “but this is a work call, and it might be an emergency. I’ll be right back.”

Ariyah dips her head in apology to Morrigan before taking her phone outside to answer the call.

(Ariyah moves to the Elysium entrance, talking on the phone)

[ Morrígan, the Elysium, BoL, A]

Morrígan nods and smiles at Ariyah “ sorry my misunderstanding l as she is about to give her new friend a rundown of occult practices she was familiar with the latter’s phone goes. After Ariyah asks to be excused for business Morrígan politely says “ of course I’m not planning on going anywhere and business must be taken.” As she settles in to wait she looks over the near empty cargo hold noticing that one of the groups had increased in numbers to three gentlemen and a heated debate had been simmered down.

*land of bear and land of eagle
Land that gave us birth and blessing
Land that called us ever homewards
We will come home across the mountains

We will go home, we will go home
We will go home across the mountains
We will go home, we will go home
We will go home across the mountains*

The voice is soft and melodic as if this is a song she has sang many a time. Though not loud it carries across the room, but not enough to drown out or even cause a change in the volume of people’s conversation. She seems to be lost in the words and in the melody as if unaware she is singing it out loud.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Standing at the entrance to the cargo area, Ariyah ended the call and sighed. There’s no accounting for stupidity amongst her clients, and she was going to deal with the fallout, again.
But what’s done is done, rushing over to the site now isn’t going to do anything. She’ll just go later after her visit here.

Ariyah pushed up her glasses on her nose, the decorative chain on the side swinging with the movement, and looked back into the room that was the Elysium.
Without really noticing, the room had filled up a little while she was conversing with the Gangrel; small knots of people gathered around to chat and do business. Even Morrigan has moved to sit with a group of gentlemen at one of the tables.

I’ll join them later. Ariyah thought as she made her way back to the bar where she’d left her coat. There was another individual whom she’d seen at the Elysium last time, and it would only be good manners to introduce herself.

Ariyah walked up to the two Nosferatu conversing amongst themselves, hoping for the right moment to interject.

“Being famous for killing Sabbat is like being famous or putting down a tick with rabies, but I’ll take it.”

One of the Nosferatu’s comment brought Ariyah up short; it felt like she had walked in on a serious conversation. She wanted to take a step back, but her indecisive movements had caught their attention.

“I’m sorry to interrupt.” Ariyah said, covering up her awkwardness with a smile, “I just thought I’d introduce myself, but it seems now might not be a good time?”

She ended her sentence with a questioning inflection. If they said they wanted privacy, she’d just walk away, no harm no foul. Otherwise, she could be their excuse for changing the topic, if that was their wish.
That was the problem with not being allowed to use your powers in Elysium; she could of at least listened in on their conversation before barging in.
In the past, she wouldn’t have hesitated to use her powers; after all, eavesdropping is not something you can easily spot. But her status in Seattle was pretty unstable right now, and she didn’t want another mark against her.

[ Em – Cargo Section – NA, PRE RESET ]

« There are worse things to be famous for », Em replies. « Still a service of sorts. » Still an accomplishment, if people wanna put it that way. She’s known by the Cammies for tracking down and killing a bunch of blood-hunted Thinbloods too, so what’s better and what’s worse? It’s a service, maybe even an accomplishment. Though, granted, the most annoying part weren’t even the Thinnies — that was Kesler, and the Inquisition.

Congratulations for surviving an armed squad of ghouls and killing an Inquisition agent! Well, two of them, though the latter was already fleeing. But the blood hunt, of course, gives more clout.

Just then, a young woman, at least in looks, shows up. Em eyes her, head to toe, then gives her an open-mouthed smile, all teeth. « Nah, girl, don’t ya worry. If it wasn’t a good time I’d tell ya to get lost. » She grabs the chair at the table and taps it with her greyish, scarred hand. « Sit down, do the introductions. I’m Em, by the way. Might know me, might not. »

She taps her fingernails on the surface of the table, a metallic sound. « Need something? », she asks.

‘Cause usually, when kindred just straight up approach a small gathering of Nosferatu, they need something. Even if it’s just a matter of making friends with the local Unseen.

[Aldous – Boatlysium, Cargo Section – A – Pre-Reset]

Al nodded in agreement. It was true enough, and really, he shouldn’t speak so lightly of such things, the Sabbat hadn’t been all blood junkies and soon to be wights, he’d just never been able to shake the habit of people calling attention to his exploits. He’d just been about to ask how she’d been handling her own fame when a new face walked up to the pair, hoping to make an introduction. Em spoke first, welcoming the girl with a toothy grin.

“Al,” he introduced himself as well, a polite smile thrown her way.

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A – Pre-Reset]

Ariyah smiled at the pair as she sat down at their table.
“Ariyah Daniels, Toreador, nice to meet you.”

“I haven’t the pleasure of knowing your name,” Ariyah addressed Em’s comment, “but that’s why I’ve come over; to rectify that mistake.”
She fished out two cards from the back of her phone case, “I’m relatively new to Prince Cross’ court and feel it’s only polite to make the acquaintance of my fellow Kindred.”

She slid the business cards over to the two Nosferatu. It was white on one side with the name ”Busy Vines Design” on the top and Ariyah’s name and contact number on the bottom. The back of the card is black with a pattern of roses done in silver foil.

“I’m a muralist and also do interior designs for commercial and private spaces,” Ariyah said by way of explanation.

When the two gave Ariyah their numbers, she immediately noted them down in her phone.

“Unfortunately, the night is late, and we can’t have an extended conversation. But now that we’ve made introductions, it’ll make it less awkward next time I see you at Elysium.”

(FTB: pleasant chit chat then everyone goes home just before dawn)

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