2020-0712 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont – Gasworks Gallery – BoL – NA]

[Wake roll: Success | BoL roll: Success | Hunger: 2]

“We have studios of all sizes to fit every budget.” The tall blonde, who introduced himself as Kalvin with a ‘K’, led Ariyah down the long wooden building. “We have photo studios…”
“I’m only interested in art studios.” Ariyah interrupted, she smiled to lessen the sting of her words.
Kalvin didn’t miss a beat, “Of course. We have three art studios currently available…”
Ariyah scanned the surroundings as she followed the young man through the building. The first building wasn’t fancy by any stretch of the imagination, and from the outside, the building looked like it could be blown over by a stiff wind. However, Sofia had assured her that this place had a hidden gem…

”And you say that access is 24 hours?” Ariyah asked after Kalvin showed her a corner studio with plenty of windows. It was an adequate space… if she still painted by natural light.

”Yes, ” The young artist-slash-building-manager gushed, ”we understand that sometimes inspiration strikes at the oddest hours, so as long as you pay your rent, you can come any time of day.”

”And how many studios are currently occupied?”
”Fifteen at the moment. Though, since we operate on a month-to-month rental agreement, this can fluctuate.”

Kalvin led Ariyah to the back of the building, ”This leads to our warehouse studios. They are much bigger, so they come at a higher price, but they are perfect for people like yourself who create large projects.”

Kalvin opened a door that connected the main building to an abutting warehouse. There was a long corridor that ran down the length of the building, and the blonde artist led them to the second door. The unoccupied studio was an open space with exposed brick walls and concrete support beams. It had a high ceiling but plenty of installed lights.

Sofia hadn’t lied; this place was perfect.

Ariyah examined the space, Kalvin following behind her. As Ariyah and the young man discussed the details of renting the area, the Toreador felt the familiar hollowed feeling of hunger rise in her. She hadn’t fed the night before, and although she wasn’t to the point of losing control, this studio offered some excellent privacy.

Ariyah let the slight breeze in the room carry the other man’s scent to her.

[Bloodhound: Resolve + Awareness: 5  successes vs 4 diff | Messy Critical: Hunger Compulsion | Melancholy | 1WP]

It seemed that Ariyah had underestimated her hunger. As the smell of Kalvin’s blood reached her, Ariyah felt her fangs extend without conscious thought. The thirst roiled within her, and she had to stop herself from tackling the man then and there. She barely heard what he was saying as all her focus was on the little pulse at the base of Kalvin’s neck.

“So, how private are these studios?” Ariyah asked, arching one eyebrow as she glanced at Kalvin.

[Activate Awe]

Almost out of habit, Ariyah turned on her come hither look, and she could see Kalvin react in happy surprise. She’d seen his many looks at her as he led her on the studio tour, and he’d made enough comments that she knew he was a fan of her work. It was a child’s play.

[Scene Queen Hunting Check: Manipulation + Persuasion + Awe: 5 successes vs Diff 4 – 1 Fame | Success | 1WP | Fleeting Melancholy]

His height made things a little awkward, but not overly so, and his blood had a sweet minty flavour; not the bitterness of someone sad, but more someone who was slightly nervous or scared. This nervousness was cute and probably worth keeping.

[Hunger 2 –> 1 | Hunger Compulsion Ends]

Ariyah licked the wound closed as Kalvin swayed slightly on his feet, eyes somewhat unfocused from the pleasure of the Kiss. The Toreador returned to her spot a couple of steps away and caught Kalvin’s gaze.

[Activate Cloud Memory | Deactivate Awe]


Kalvin blinked in confusion and Ariyah repeated her question, though with none of the previous innuendoes.
“So, how private are these studios? My clients expect me to keep their project completely confidential, and I need to know that there won’t be a cleaning crew coming in when I’m not expecting them.”
Ariyah put on a stern expression, and she could nearly smell the sweet nervousness rise up in the young artist as he struggled to piece his thoughts together. This one was certainly a keeper.

Ariyah left the studio half an hour later, with a signed contract in her bag and the happy discovery that young Kalvin lived in a loft in the front building of the studio. The night was young, and it had already been very productive, now she just has to capitalise on the momentum and go meet and greet some Kindred.

[Ariyah leaves for #the-elysium]

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