2020-0711 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Standing at the entrance to the cargo area, Ariyah ended the call and sighed. There’s no accounting for stupidity amongst her clients, and she was going to deal with the fallout, again.
But what’s done is done, rushing over to the site now isn’t going to do anything. She’ll just go later after her visit here.

Ariyah pushed up her glasses on her nose, the decorative chain on the side swinging with the movement, and looked back into the room that was the Elysium.
Without really noticing, the room had filled up a little while she was conversing with the Gangrel; small knots of people gathered around to chat and do business. Even Morrigan has moved to sit with a group of gentlemen at one of the tables.

I’ll join them later. Ariyah thought as she made her way back to the bar where she’d left her coat. There was another individual whom she’d seen at the Elysium last time, and it would only be good manners to introduce herself.

Ariyah walked up to the two Nosferatu conversing amongst themselves, hoping for the right moment to interject.

“Being famous for killing Sabbat is like being famous or putting down a tick with rabies, but I’ll take it.”

One of the Nosferatu’s comment brought Ariyah up short; it felt like she had walked in on a serious conversation. She wanted to take a step back, but her indecisive movements had caught their attention.

“I’m sorry to interrupt.” Ariyah said, covering up her awkwardness with a smile, “I just thought I’d introduce myself, but it seems now might not be a good time?”

She ended her sentence with a questioning inflection. If they said they wanted privacy, she’d just walk away, no harm no foul. Otherwise, she could be their excuse for changing the topic, if that was their wish.
That was the problem with not being allowed to use your powers in Elysium; she could of at least listened in on their conversation before barging in.
In the past, she wouldn’t have hesitated to use her powers; after all, eavesdropping is not something you can easily spot. But her status in Seattle was pretty unstable right now, and she didn’t want another mark against her.

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