2020-0713 – Em – Pre-Reset

[Em – Cargo Section – NA, PRE RESET]

« There are worse things to be famous for », Em replies. « Still a service of sorts. » Still an accomplishment, if people wanna put it that way. She’s known by the Cammies for tracking down and killing a bunch of blood-hunted Thinbloods too, so what’s better and what’s worse? It’s a service, maybe even an accomplishment. Though, granted, the most annoying part weren’t even the Thinnies — that was Kesler, and the Inquisition.

Congratulations for surviving an armed squad of ghouls and killing an Inquisition agent! Well, two of them, though the latter was already fleeing. But the blood hunt, of course, gives more clout.

Just then, a young woman, at least in looks, shows up. Em eyes her, head to toe, then gives her an open-mouthed smile, all teeth. « Nah, girl, don’t ya worry. If it wasn’t a good time I’d tell ya to get lost. » She grabs the chair at the table and taps it with her greyish, scarred hand. « Sit down, do the introductions. I’m Em, by the way. Might know me, might not. »

She taps her fingernails on the surface of the table, a metallic sound. « Need something? », she asks.

‘Cause usually, when kindred just straight up approach a small gathering of Nosferatu, they need something. Even if it’s just a matter of making friends with the local Unseen.

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