2020-0709 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah was saved from having to deal with ordering a drink when a soft Irish-accented voice spoke up from beside her. The Asian Toreador looked over to meet a pair of ice-blue eyes looking at her quizzically.
Ariyah registered the other Kindred’s question and gestured to the empty space next to her.
”By all means, it’s always good to meet more of our kind. My name is Ariyah Daniels, Clan Toreador. And you are?”

Ariyah scanned the other woman’s outfit. She appreciated the aesthetic but wondered whether she should tell the other Kindred about the dress-down policy currently in place.
In the end, she thought better of it; maybe this was dress-down for her, Ariyah certainly knew individuals who agreed with her.

”You say you’re new in town? Are you planning on staying, or just passing through?”

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