2020-0709 – Morrigan

[Morrígan, Elysium, Cargo section, BoL,A]

Taking the proffered seat she sits down smiling still “ I haven’t decided yet whether I will be staying long I do like to wander occasionally though I settle down, before here I was in the Illinois state.”
She takes a sip elegantly from her glass of blood. “ have you been here long Ariyah?” That soft accent making the name a lilting purr. She looks around before asking “ is it always this dead in here?”

As her head turns to survey the area around them noting its drabness, you see woven into her hair three silver tipped crow feathers that are tied into an intricate braid that weaves in and out of her long hair. She turns her attention back to Ariyah. Even though she seems to be breathing her skin is incredibly pale.

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