2020-0709 – Morrigan

[Morrigan, haven then elysium, BoL, A]

As she rose Morrígan stretched in almost feline manner her intent was to hit the rave she had heard about but first a visit to Elysium would be called for she thought. Moving to her altar she went through the process of lighting her incense and going through her devotions. Sprinkling some of the incense ash on the silver pendant that sat in the centre of the Triskele formed from three crows. It smelt of juniper and roses, placing this around her neck she approached her wardrobe and withdrew her attire for tonight. Slipping into it she here’s a tapping at the door walking over she opens it and looks down to see Carog “ good evening to you my friend” the crow caws back at her hoping onto the dressing table where she sits to do her make up. “ I am heading to Elysium and possibly to a rave so if you would be a darling and watch my back as were in a new city now” she gives him a gentle stroke under the beak which he seems to enjoy.

Closing the door to her temple haven she begins to make her way through the chill night enjoying the feel of the air on her skin. Arriving at where she had heard Elysium was held she was not too impressed but then if rumours were true it was for the best. Walking up the gang plank noting the woman present at the top she nods,before making her way inside to the main area.

As she enters her gaze wanders the ‘bar area’ clearly not impressed she notes about a few people before spying one alone at the bar. Walking forward towards this young looking lady, looks among the kindred are deceiving after all, for all she knew this being might be an elder. With a confident stride born of experience and just plain I’ve seen stuff that would make your hair curl she makes her way to the bar and orders a drink.

Turning to the young lady “ good evening, may I join? you as I am new in town and looking to meet the local Kindred.” Her voice has a soft Irish accent that is pleasant to hear.

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