2020-0709 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Elysium – Cargo Section – BoL – A]

Ariyah doesn’t let her smile drop, but she does reach over to take the other woman’s hand. She opted for a little squeeze before letting go. They weren’t Neanderthals and didn’t need to bruise or shake hands vigorously. Even if the other woman had called her, “my dear.”

”Yes, Australian. I’ve been in Seattle for the past eight months trying to get settled. You can say I’m a newcomer to these parts myself.”
Ariyah propped her head in one hand, “I’m the owner of a mural-slash-interior-design company. If you’ve just arrived, do you need some decorating done at your place? Or if you have a business and need the lobby done up or something?”

It was an obvious jab at finding out what the other Kindred did, but Ariyah wasn’t in the mood to be subtle tonight.

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