2020-0709 – Morrígan

[Morrígan, Elysium, Cargo Section, BoL, A]

Morrígan sits and contemplates a second the question asked by the young lady, not out of rudeness but out of trying to pace the terms used after a second or to she realises what the other meant “ at the moment I’m still arranging things but I would definitely like some work done once I have set things up, it is nice having four walls and a roof and some where to keep your clothes fresh.” She ponders a second and asks “ what sort of subjects interest you, when creating your art?”

“ I have always been fascinated by the theological works in churches and such though I do find many Christian churches a bit bland.” Her manner is getting easier “ though at the moment I do not have any employment other than helping a friend in her little occult shop, I do hope one day to open a business of sorts but I haven’t settled long enough to put roots down.”

She absently strokes the necklace she wears again it seems an unconscious thing. “ listen to me babbling on about religion you must think me old or boring” her smile broadens the red of her lips in contrast with the smooth pale skin. “In the time you have been here have you met any interesting people?” She falls silent and waits patiently.

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