2020-0709 – Morrigan

[ Morrígan, Elysium, cargo section BoL, A]

Morrígan’s smile is warm “ I’m so sorry my dear, I’ve been around those who know of me to long. My name is Morrígan” she holds out her hand “ of clan Gangrel, and as to your question about recently arriving it’s been about three weeks just long enough to set up home so to speak” another sip of the blood it’s not the best or filled with flavour but it does the job. “ and as I said I’m not sure how long I will stay it depends on opportunities and how the city is run.”

She looks her companion over either not noticing or not caring about the sharpness of the smile, letting her hands rest in her lap she leans back herself seeming more at ease now. “ I do love your accent, is it Australian? “ her eyes wander often as if looking for danger or potential threats it seems an unconscious action. She places her little hand bag on the bar it is a little black and gold affair but not overt.

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