2020-0903 – Yuri

[Yuri – Stores – BoL – NA]

“Yeah, I… I can see that. Living or not, humans are so complicated. I don’t think I can ever understand them.” He shook his head. Yuri tilted his head in curiosity to Ariyah’s next statement. What was so wrong with being grateful or showing kindness? “A target? A target for what? I thought genuine kindness was the better way to receiving benefits? Isn’t that what the Kindred want? To be able to co-exist with the humans in secrecy?”

Descending down the stairs, Yuri was thrown a bit off balance from the swaying of the ship, stumbling and nearly falling if it hadn’t been for railings. His precious cosmetic box, however, wasn’t so lucky and fell out of his hands in his panic to not fall over. It clattered down the stairs, getting another scratch on the black casing. “I’m okay!” Yuri stammered, taking the last few steps down. He picked up the case, brushing it off. Beneath his mask, he frowned at the new scratch on it, making that two now, but Ariyah wouldn’t see his displeasure.

Yuri was hit with the heat of the room, unsure if he liked it or not considering he was in a suit and jacket. He tugged at the slim black tie around his neck, loosening it a bit so he could ‘breathe’. He paused in his steps as Ariyah addressed the conundrum with him and his liking to be around corpses. Frankly, he was a bit offended she’d think he would kill someone but he hid it as best as possible. “Why would I want to do that? It’d only cause more trouble, and arouse suspicion. I like my morgue, my sire’s morgue… he left it to me to maintain and care for, I won’t go back on my promise to him by doing such things.”

“Oh, I’m not really thirsty but I can go find a place to sit if you wish?” His head lowered into his shoulders. The more time he spent talking to Ariyah, the more comfortable he was getting, the stuttering more or less decreasing based on the topic.

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