2020-0902 – Yuri

[Yuri – Lady Washington, Decks > Stores – BoL – NA]

“Maybe disappeared isn’t the right term. He said some Camarilla business came up and he had to leave. I urged him to take care of it, and to not worry about me so… he left. I kept in contact with him using letters and phone messages but I haven’t heard from him in 2 years. I just hope he’s alright.” Yuri showed to have a lot of care towards his sire; he was an important figure in Yuri’s life, having known the man for nearly 6 years, 4 of those being prior to his Embrace.

His eyebrows raised at the mention of enemies, Yuri slowly shaking his head. “Enemies? N-no, I don’t think he did. He was pretty nice to everyone who met him, a-and he… well… I owe him my life. I dunno why, but the night I was supposed die, he saved me but asked me before he did anything. A part of me wishes I didn’t take his offer had I known the price, but I’m still grateful for the kindness he’s shown me.”

Yuri watched her reaction to him stating his job, a bit surprised that she didn’t react negatively, or at least he didn’t think it was negative? Even when he was alive, Yuri never had a liking towards living people. They were loud, noisy, and constant liars who cared more about fame and fortune (at least the family he grew up in). He disliked the lies they lived, finding that only through death do they reveal who they truly are, except for that one person who defied everything he had thought about the living. He glanced to the floorboards then to the side, away from her gaze. “Is it wrong of me? I’ve been brought worse, pieces missing, identities scrubbed through fatal injury… a-and I made them beautiful again, all of them; 80% of them were open casket funerals and viewings. But… well, I never really had a kindred corpse before so… y’know…” Curiosity… an important but dangerous trait.

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