2020-0902 – Yuri

[Yuri – Lady Washington, Deck – BoL – NA]

Yuri’s eyes widened at the realization he misunderstood what she had meant. “Oh, the brown-haired… oh, um, well I didn’t really get his name, but I do have his card. According to it, he’s a professor? I honestly don’t know much about him, so I’m about as lost as you are, Ms. Ariyah.” He followed Ariyah to the stairs when the prince made his appearance. Yuri paused to get a good look though was quickly surrounded by the other Kindred, becoming trapped in the middle of the crowd. He listened to all the prince had to say, staying quiet though the more the prince spoke, the more pale Yuri appeared to get. A breach in the masquerade? Sires being at fault?

Yuri’s expression flashed with worry for his sire, wondering where the man could be. He’d hoped that the prince wouldn’t punish his sire; he had a year worth of teaching as a fledgling, but after that he was on his own. He feared for both his and his sire’s life, thus began Yuri’s lifestyle as a super shut-in mortician. It was the safest way he could think of to avoid breaching the masquerade and avoiding arousing suspicion. When the sire was brought out to be made an example of, Yuri’s reaction would be quite different than what Ariyah would expect.

In fact, he didn’t seem to react at all, simply watching and doing so much as to blink. He couldn’t say he supported this, but morbid/macabre topics did fascinate him, plus he’s been given cadavers that were in far worse shape. Desensitized would perhaps be the proper terminology. “Well that’s a waste of a possible cadaver, mummified or not.” Flashed across Yuri’s mind. Now that he thought about it, he totally should have asked the Prince’s permission to receive the cadavers of fatal feeds to avoid breaches in the masquerade; He could get rid of them, easily.
Yuri watched the head thump to the ground and roll away. Was it wrong of him to want to take it to study it? Yuri pushed the thought aside for now, the crowd thinning out and the prince having said all he needed. “He seems nice.” He turned his head to Ariyah. Maybe it was because he didn’t know how to react or maybe there was something odd, but Yuri almost sounded… happy? Happy to have watched the beheading of his own kin?! “It was saddening that he forced the fledgling to watch his sire be executed. There is so many of us though, how does he intend to speak to each of us if he has reasons of his own to converse with us? Oh no… w-what would I even say if he wishes for me? I haven’t done anything wrong, have I? I’ve maintained the breach, I haven’t hurt anyone…”

And there’s the normal panicky Yuri.

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