2020-0902 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Lady Washington – Deck – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

Ariyah had been expecting Yuri to turn green at the sight of the execution, she thought he’d run off to some place with less people to get some air. What she didn’t expect was the glimmer of interest in his eyes when the torpored Kindreds were brought out. And he looked completely riveted by the head when it landed.

“He seems nice.” Was Yuri’s first words after the execution, and Ariyah got a glimmer of why Yuri was chosen for their ranks. Or was this something that developed after the Embrace? Ariyah wondered.

Ariyah let Yuri continue rambling, surprised at the lack of stuttering and stammering. It was only when it started again, did Ariyah take over the conversation.

“As you said, there are a lot of us on board this ship and time is limited. I’m sure that unless you’ve specifically petitioned the Prince about something, or had done something warranting his attention, he won’t be asking you to go see him.”

With the spectacle finished, people were moving back below deck again. Without really thinking about it, Ariyah started moving towards the stairs again, waiting to make sure Yuri was following.

Ariyah raised an eyebrow as a thought occurred to her, “You hadn’t done anything to warrant his attention, right?” A pause, “What do you do, anyway?”

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