2020-1011 – Lucen

[Lucen – City Hall – BoL – NA]

While entering his office, Lucen could feel the hunger sensation present on the back of his neck. The kind that makes even the simplest tasks, harder to focus on.
Yet, he was delighted to receive a visit from Miss Faith in few minutes. And after yesterday’s feast, her Sanguine’s blood is a good call to get back to his liquid exclusive diet.

Thankfully, it didn’t take much waiting for him, just enough time to turn his computer on and organize the documents left over his desk. Then the security called his desk to announce her arrival and ask for clearance.

Right after he sat on his chair to wait for her, he felt a buzz on his pocket. A text message from an unknown number.
“Humm.. A message from Ariyah Daniels!”

She is the holder of his recent given boons and he was excited to know what she had to say. It’s safe to admit that there is some sort of curiosity and wariness for what they might turn out to be.

Right after going though her text, he starts texting.

To Ariyah Daniels 
Good evening Mrs. Daniels.

I’m glad to hear from you and I hope you were able to enjoy yesterday’s event as much as I did. 
I agree that meeting face to face sounds like a great idea, also I must confess that you now hold more ‘credit’ than I have ever given during my entire life. So, I guess this might be the beginning of a long ‘friendship’.

As for what can I do for you? I was born and raised in Seattle, so I would make an excellent tour guide if you ever feel like in need of a sightseeing. As for my area of expertise, I’m currently working on the City Hall as a consultant and I’m proud to say that I enjoy a good tie with our local government. I believe I could additionally say that I’m in good graces with our towery friends.
Also, as required for my chosen profession, people skills and a little dirt digging are always on the table.

I suppose I should save some information for when we meet in person, as I’m starting to treat this text as if I were applying to a job.

But enough about me. Since I don’t believe we met, could you tell me something about yourself? Do you have any plans regarding your ‘credit’?

Oh! And I must congratulate you on your painting. I made sure to hang it in my living room the moment I received it. Rest assured it is in good hands.

The moment he clicks the send button, he hears the knock on his door. Finally, she arrived!

“Come on in Miss Faith!” A smile opens when he gazes her with his predatory stare. “take a sit please. Can I offer you anything?”

Hunger 3 > 1