2020-1009 – Ariyah

[Ariyah – Fremont -In the vicinity of the Nectar Lounge – BoL – Fame 2 – A]

After leaving the Nectar Lounge, Ariyah took a moment to recover in the car. The sanguine pulse in the blood was more potent than she'd expected, and Ariyah found that it was affecting her decision-making. So the Toreador hoped that by giving herself a few minutes alone in the car, she could get a handle of her emotions.

At that moment, Ariyah felt her phone vibrate, and she took it out of her pocket to see a message from Tobias.
Apparently, the other Rose had met two new Toreadors and was passing on their names. She'd heard of Calista Vitale before but hadn't known she was a fellow Kindred, so that was useful information to have. Then there was a gun-smith, Luis Abades. She didn't have any need for a gun, but Ariyah filed the name away for future reference.

Ariyah wondered where Tobias has the time to meet all those Kindreds. Between running her own business and making that painting for the Newcomers' event, Ariyah's only chance at socialising recently was at last night's auction. And she'd spent most of the time stuffing her face with food.
Though she couldn't say she regretted it. She wondered how Iris fared after they parted ways.

Turning her focus back to her phone, Ariyah first composed a reply to Tobias, then she sent a message to Iris to see how she was.

To: Tobias
Thanks for the heads up, and I'll definitely look up that song!
Were you at the party last night? Did you try the food? It was out of this world.


To: Iris
Hey Iris, how did it go for you after the party last night? No indigestion I hope, lol.
And congrats again for selling your piece.


The message to Iris reminded Ariyah of her own artwork that was sold at the auction last night. Digging through her bag, Ariyah pulled out the letter that was delivered to her apartment at the end of last night.
She hadn't had the chance to read it yet, though she suspected its content.
Breaking the seal, Ariyah scanned the contents within. As expected, it was the confirmation of her sale and the name and contact of her buyer.

“Lucen Knox.” Ariyah read the name aloud. “Three minor, one trivial boon.”

She didn't know the name, and she hadn't managed to speak to her buyer last night so she has no idea just how useful those boons would be. What did he do, what skills or contacts does he have?

Thinking for a moment, Ariyah typed out a message and sent it to the number that was listed in the letter.

To: Lucen Knox
Mr Knox,
I thought I would introduce myself as we didn't get a chance to chat last night. I hope you like the painting.
I'm interested to know what you can do for me, but this conversation might be easier done face-to-face. Maybe we can meet up some time?
It doesn't have to be immediate; I'm in no hurry, but I thought I'd give you my contact number for when you're available.

Best regards,
Ariyah Daniels


Putting her phone away, Ariyah started up her car. Managing her correspondences had given her the time needed to calm down from the feeding.
Sophia had sent her a few different possible locations for Busy Vine Design's storefront and Ariyah had been putting off visiting them. Since she didn't have any Kindred-related business to conduct tonight, maybe it was time for her to go location scouting.

Ariyah put the car into gear and drove off.