2020-1005 – Mei (@Vlad)

[Mei – Art Gallery > Bar & Buffet (Bar) – NA – BoL – Pre-Reset]

Mei’s reaction to winning the ‘sculpture’ after being informed of it by one of the attendants could be summarised by subdued confusion and amusement. He had placed a bid on it simply because the racoon made of trash had raised his interest among the more high-brow work. Yet now he had it and owed a boon to the endlessly skilled artist that created who from the sound of his description was either an unfortunate Embrace or a Nosferatu. Both options did not appeal to the old Keeper but making short-sighted choices seemed to be his modus operandi for the past several days. Both his hands in his trousers’ pockets, Mei went from one sculpture to another to witness some obvious talent but eventually what caught his eye was one of the paintings hanging on the wall. A red fish on a black background did not make the most inspiring image but the sliver of humanity left in Mei adored the skill with which it was painted. So his eyes went to the artist’s name before he overheard it mentioned by one of the attendants. While the building he had selected for the club could always be rebuilt, a certain attractive quality could definitely be added to it.

Intent on seeking out the artist with the little description he heard of her, Mei made his way to the bar and buffet section of the gallery. With a certain pride in his working taste for mortal foods and drinks, he dismissed the goblet offered. An arrogant if not inviting gesture. Yet he still selected a glass of bloodwine from the bar to quell the hunger that had grown recently before seeking out Ariyah Daniels.

((Not getting drunk. Stamina + Resolve. 3 successes vs diff 1, success. Hunger 2 > 1.))

A brief search after, Mei found the woman who fit the description in a white dress best talking with someone else. So, Mei made sure to keep his words short and not to interrupt the conversation that was going. Leaning on his cane, Mei regarded Ariyah with his brown eyes, “Miss Daniels? I am Lin Mei of the Lasombra and happened to see your work in the gallery. I would be interested in hiring your services for my own home. Here is my number and will contact you in the near future.” As Mei gave up his own number, he accepted Ariyah’s business card and left back for his haven after bowing his head to the other woman in conversation with Daniels.