2020-0915 – Iris

[ Iris – Fremont – a coffee shop – NA – ]

The dutch rose stepped out of the cab, right in front of the small coffee shop where she and Ariyah had decided to meet up. With the binder still in her hand she stepped into the cozy little coffee shop. She sat herself down in a rather comfortable chair, crossed her legs and placed the binder on the table. During the short drive in the taxi she had received a message from Ariyah, telling her that she was on her way. All the older rose could do for now was patiently wait for her to show up.

As she waited she had ordered a cup of coffee just to keep the appearance up, absentmindedly she twirled the small silver spoon around in her coffee. Iris wondered what kind of person Ariyah’s contact could be, dealing with antiquaries or people who wanted to have their own private collection of real swords wasn’t all that new to her. Back in her city, Amsterdam, she wouldn’t have had any trouble with finding work however this wasn’t her city, in this new and unfamiliar place she could indeed use all the help she could find. Accepting the younger Rose’s help in exchange for a boon had been the right call for her, she had to get herself out there if she wanted to survive.

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