2020-0908 – Iris

[Iris – Fremont – near the fremont troll – A]

[Wake up rouse failed. Hunger 2 > 3]

Breaking and entering, it had become part of her standard routine. She picked a house, sneaked inside, grabbed some valuables and then lastly she drank her fill. As soon as the old rose was back out on the street she turned her old flip phone back on, almost immediately the damn thing began to buzz, Iris threw a somewhat perplexed look at the phone before she opened the text message that she had missed. Quickly she read through William’s text, she couldn’t help but wonder if that blade was truly so important to him, if it was then why in gods name would he have mistreated it so badly that he ended up damaging it.

[Dexterity + Stealth + spec. Sandman hunting. 3 successes. negligible resonance. Hunger 3 > 1]

With her phone still in her hand she leaned against a nearby lamppost. She had a couple of texts to reply to, her fingers danced over the mechanical buttons of the flipphone, despite the impressive speed of her tumb it still took Iris a long while to write every individual text message. “..This is why I hate technology..what is wrong with writing each other a letter in this day and age..”

To: Mara

I would most certainly be interested in making a custom order piece for you. Let’s pick a date when we can get together so we can discuss your order ? - Iris

**To: ** William

Hello William, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon. I would love to repair this family heirloom. However I should first inspect the piece before I can make you any promises about the repairs, I have some free time on my hands right now so if you want I could take a look straight away. - Iris

To: Ariyah

Good evening sweetie, I hope you are having a lovely night. I wonder if we could schedule a small meeting, to discuss the offer you made to bring me in contact with one of your clients. - Iris

With all the text messages sent Iris would put her phone away, a small sigh of relief escaped her after such a tedious task. Now all she had to do was play the waiting game.

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